Book Review: ‘Of Fate’s Design’ by Subhasish Dey

Read the book review of a fouteen year old author Subhashish Dey's maiden novel 'Of Fate's Design'.

Read the book review of a fouteen year old author Subhashish Dey’s maiden novel ‘Of Fate’s Design’.


When a kidnapper redeems his lost conscience and finds himself unable to murder the girl he has kidnapped, what does he do? Fate is cruel to him and good intentions are never enough.

At the same time, a woman dissatisfied with her existence flees from her home, not knowing what lies ahead of her. But all things come at a price and she has a hard path ahead through storms and fire.

Watch how fate has entwined these lives together, into a song through struggles of conscience and identity, through the deepest lows and greatest highs and through the flame of madness and the stings of survival.

My Review

The first thing that struck me when I was offered this book for review is the age of the author.

Gone are the days where one can say that the kid is just 14. I am totally impressed with his work and astounded at his talent. Author has done a noteworthy job in his maiden novel.

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“You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it”- It is a French proverb. Likewise, fate has the supreme power to drag or if I would say weave the pattern of our lives. The book stands out and makes itself a good example of it. The feelings like love, harassment, affection, morality, duplicity were all expressed in such a way as a matured human would do. The narration by the author was at the right pace. Not too much or not very little. The maturity stood out here as well. Simple expressions of pardoning were brief and heart-touching.

The story at some places was predictable, but I never had the feeling to skip the pages and go ahead and the author needs to be credited for the narrative which was eloquent and warm. The reunification of Andrei and Irina brought out the best literal talent of the author, where he depicts the separation space being filled with love and affection.

Here’s wishing the author a successful and bright literary future.

I write this review with the age of the author still vivid and clear in my mind.

Overall the book gave me a warm feeling and attachment to the characters and made me learn that-

Fate doesn’t care about your plans.

Fate will find a way.

About The Author

Subhashish is a 14 year old student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar. He has been regularly contributing short stories to his school magazine. An avid reader, Subhashish believes that books open the doors to some wonderful insights in life. An inquisitive boy, Subhashish loves to explore different places and spends time trying to understand the culture of the people there.

Subhashish lives in Chennai along with his parents and grandmother. This is his first attempt at writing a novel. Subhashish is passionate about music and loves singing and playing his piano. Incidentally , music forms the backbone of the story in his novel.


  • Author:Subhashish Dey
  • Publisher: Good Times Books PVT LTD
  • No Of Pages: 204
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery
  • Title – Fate’s design


Cover- 4.5 stars

Title- 4 stars

Blurb- 4 stars

Plot- 4 stars

Writing and Presentation- 4 stars

Overall- 4.3 out of 5 stars

The book is available on Amazon.



Image Source: Amazon

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