And They Grew Up Too Soon!

Posted: January 8, 2019

A mom reminisces old days when her children were young and would devour the delicacies made by their loving mom in a jiffy.

Pleasant reminiscences engulfed me when I was frying pooris for the Puja today – I became nostalgic and recalled the days when my oil-filled kadhai was a standard fixture on the gas stove. There was always something delicious(hopefully!) being made, the aromas wafting through the house, giving it all a warm, homely feeling. If it weren’t the differently shaped and brightly colored fryums, it would be bread pakoras or smileys or the regular, round, golden brown pooris – which the kids would compete to devour more of. I had to find or create ‘gap days’ in which I would strain the oil and wash the kadhai.

This was when the kids were small or in school – they would be forever hungry – back from games or just wanting a great snack – which obviously meant a homemade delicacy whipped up by mom. Those were the days when they still preferred ‘halwa’ to ‘dunkin doughnuts’ or my pakoras to ‘lays chips’. Those were the days of very fulfilling ‘toiling’ in the kitchen. I must’ve cribbed about the heat but their fighting over the delicacies laid out must’ve been enough to make me want to do it again and again.

As I said, this was when the kids were younger. I took out the big kadhai after ages today and rolled out the pooris. The diet conscious young adults at home took only a few and were done. They enjoyed what they ate, but there was no fighting over who would get the perfectly done poori or who would not take the flat, greasy ones. The halwa still sits in the bowl after 5 hours, having lost its place to chips and the likes.  As I fried a few more, just to satisfy my maternal instincts of stuffing them, I was struck by the thought that even these would not be made after they’ve left. How soon they grow up ! What a clichéd sentence and yet this has stood steadfast over generations.

I heave a sigh and smile – I still have a full house – there’re just different things I enjoy with them. I guess the panju mom in me will have to give way to the cosmopolitan mom whipping up lasagna and pies, or better still, ordering pizza! My ‘forever-guided- by-the- tummy’ brats have grown up into young adults with a killer sense of humour and an intellect to match. I guess it’s time the tummy took a backseat ( and here, the punju mom snorts!)

Image Source: Pexels

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