Cartographies Of Absence/I Am My Own Masterpiece

Why did no one tell me love was so easy...That I could indeed find it in my own body?

Why did no one tell me love was so easy…That I could indeed find it in my own body?

Mama, you talk to me of love
And tell me how it feels like nothing else ever has
Or ever will
Makes you do unspeakable things
Sends chills down your spine
The whole drill
But this entire scenario of love
And feelings
Comes from another being
Am I not enough for myself
Do I need someone to make me feel things?
When everyone goes off to sleep
And the lights are dim
I try to make love to myself;
I hold myself close
And spill patterns of the galaxy
Onto me
I take longer showers
And sing
I spread colours onto sheets of paper
Myself on sheets of cotton
And become an artist –
I am my own masterpiece
I am my own Charming
My hands finally feel like they belong
And I gush over and over
Why did no one tell me
Love was so easy
That I could
Find it in my own body
With my own body
Tresses wild
Bumps along my skin
Something I had never felt before
Mama, I just locked myself in a room
Until I started feeling liberated
Aren’t you proud of your little girl
Who spelled her name on herself
Over and over
Until it meant me.

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Image via Unsplash

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