Are Men And Women equal?

A satirical take on the perpetual debate of equality between the sexes. Read on!

A satirical take on the perpetual debate of equality between the sexes. Read on!


Men and Women are equal, except that they’re not!

I am a feminist. In my opinion, if there is a God, he created women first, and endowed them with all the necessary devices to create, protect, sustain and nurture human life. Women have the power and responsibility of propagating the species and maintaining a healthy progeny. Men were created as a mere tool needed for impregnation.

In fact men were created only for the pleasure of women. You only need sperms to get pregnant, which today can be transferred artificially but you cannot possibly procreate without a uterus! However, men, being the way they are, couldn’t really stand playing second fiddle to the so called weaker sex for long. So, they started deriving their sense of importance by trying to take the power of ‘life’ in their hands. Since they could not ‘create’ life, they decided to rule, dictate, judge, divide, categorize and take lives. For this they created money, machinery, weapons, armies, submarines, politics, business, religion, the caste system and artificial boundaries within the lands on which they lived.

And they created wars, riots, murders, robberies, colonies, tyrannical rulers, politicians, and flawed judicial systems with a flawed sense of justice. Meanwhile, women could not have been less bothered with these things. They had more important things on their mind, a more important task at hand, a much greater calling. They had to create, give birth to, nurture and nourish a new life! Pretty important isn’t it? I think so. And so they kept adapting to their ever changing vicious counterparts, giving in to their petty wishes, and humoring them about the importance of their petty businesses, so that they could continue to use them as tools for pleasure and procreation. Women were always the gentler but more manipulative sex.

Hey I’m just joking! But if there are any misogynistic males out there reading this, how does it feel to hear the other side of the sexist theory or joke for change huh?

This is me being sarcastic about the great gender inequality issue, but a tiny part of me wishes this story were true. Maybe it is in fact, partially true.

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In reality, the earliest organisms reproduced in a nonsexual manner. Then sexual reproduction began in organisms that had both male and female organs, such organisms are called hermaphrodites, like earthworms. Have you ever seen one earthworm whip lashing or raping another? I haven’t. Sexual dimorphism developed much later in evolution. So what is all the fuss about?

Ladies, feminists, lesbians and my transgender friends, hear me out! As time passed by, men were successful in creating the illusion that earning money and setting up factories and winning battles was actually more important than birthing and rearing children and all the other things that followed came as a consequence.

Personally I’d be happy to assign both kinds of jobs equal importance but I wouldn’t say one is more important than the other. This growing divide and treatment of women as second class citizens lead to the feminist movement that has it’s roots in the late 19th century. Gradually changing times have lead us to the present day where women participate in substantial numbers in almost every walk of life considered important- from changing light bulbs at home to electrical engineering, from voting to contesting the elections, from driving taxis to flying planes, from running a business to managing accounts, from nursing the sick to performing heart surgery, from playing a lego game with children to constructing bridges, from plumbing to managing pipelines.

Yes, every woman should have a career, every woman should be able to do what she loves to do, every woman should live life on her own terms. But why does it have to even be about men and women anyway? Why can’t it just be about an individual without being identified as a man or a woman? Why can’t it just be a matter of personal choice? If a woman chooses to be a homemaker, please understand that it’s an equally important thing if not more. Why do we give it a secondary status? It takes two to bring food to the table, the money and the cooking. Otherwise everybody goes to bed hungry. I mean that in a metaphorical way.

What we need to do is to stop giving it secondary importance and believe me, half the feminist battles will be won. My dear feminist friends, next time you come across a woman who chooses to work from home, cook for her family , have children and educate them, please do not berate her or her upbringing. Think of her as a Chef perhaps? if you find it difficult to picture it otherwise. Because let’s face it ladies, women may have been able to create a niche for themselves in the male dominated walks of life, but we can’t say the same for men and feminine jobs. Even if some men are able to do these things well, not many are proud of it, because we are the ones that give these jobs a secondary and menial status. Why do women (have to) stay at home and feed the babies? Because men CANNOT. They don’t have the necessary apparatus to do so. So it’s their inability to be ‘mothers’ and not our inability to be soldiers or astronauts or businesswomen that makes things the way they are today.

To conclude let me rephrase what I said earlier,
‘Men and women are ‘equal’, they are not ‘the same’

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