The Second Mom

Posted: November 6, 2018

October 28th was Mother-in-Law’s day. I feel this is one of the most misunderstood relationships ever.

When I was married, Bollywood movies made me very, very anxious about my upcoming relationship with my in-laws. Thankfully, she didn’t live upto the movie standards. In fact, when I look back, I laugh at my naïveté and silliness in believing Bollywood.

Here is a poem I wrote for my second mom and titled it likewise.

We are not related,
except by law.
I know we are related,
by something bigger than this.

You understand
my desires
and apprehensions
and in your way,
take care of me.
Accepting me
as I am,
with my limitations.

You gently guided me
and make me aware
of the likes
and dislikes of all.

You keep me protected
and safe
from the jealous eyes
and eager ears

I can clearly see
that you have gone through
and not forgotten your past
You remember your days
as a new bride
in this family.
I know it is yours now
it will be mine, someday too.


Let’s spread some positivity. Let’s banish the cliches. Please share your stories and poems about your mother-in-law.

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Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sunayna Pal moved to USA after her marriage. A

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