I Fully Support #MeToo Even Though I Trust Men

Posted: October 22, 2018
The very first time I saw the #MeToo campaign, I wondered why this campaign is running across the globe when everybody is aware that the probability of finding a woman who had not faced it is similar to the probability of not seeing the sun in the morning.
Every second girl or woman you talk to will have her own #metoo story. They all have faced it at least once in their lives irrespective of their age, caste, creed, culture, community, class, socio/economic background, geographical area they belong to/live, education, strength, designation, profession you may name any category they belong to will never matter. The Bollywood stories of Highway and many more are really true. You will find them every next door. So, I never thought of posting this on my profile as it is worth nothing.

People’s perspective

Then, I heard from a lot of people saying that this #MeToo is all fake considering the spread of the campaign. As per them, these things happen but not with the majority of women. They would quote any woman whom they considered strong/brave and say that she had not posted any #MeToo as nobody could ever dare to do so with her. They claimed that sober and decent women neither instigated anyone nor faced any such ill behaviour. There was much more such logic that I got to know as to which kind of women do face and which kinds of women do not face these dirty acts.
But, as a woman, I knew that this is only a myth. This curtain should be raised to show the real picture to the world about such a widespread and serious issue. There are many women who dare not to accept it, some want to accept but they don’t have platform to talk about it and I was among those who could accept and had a platform but did not find it worth sharing.
However, these discussions of some known and a few unknown people forced me to paste it on my wall to contribute my little share in strengthening the campaign and its seriousness. I too found a comment expressing shock as I posted #MeToo.

Our take should be…

Now the point is, are all men involved or accused of this #MeToo?
Neither do all the branches of a tree attain the same height nor do all the branches have equal amount of fruits so that they bow down equally. I really don’t know what the answer is. But, I will firmly say that if I am posting this #metoo, it does not mean that I do not trust men. I have a lot more men around me with whom I feel very comfortable and safe as well. There are more male friends of mine than female whom I call to at any hour of day/night if I get stuck somewhere or whenever I feel low. This is just because I trust them all the way.
At the same time this is also true that the same person who is very nice to you may not be that good to another person and in this way, the man who behaves gentlemanly in front of me may not be that ‘gentle’ to any other girl unless he is a sensible one who really respect women. Please don’t make excuse saying that sometimes it’s not intended while you were saying that or acting that way. Some issues are better dealt with sense and tenderness. Your filthy joke should never be pointed to humiliate a woman’s dignity. And women, it’s your responsibility to read the behaviour and psyche of men around you – whether they are good to you only or with other women too. If you have read their filthy minds then try to make them come out of it. Still, there are a larger percentage of women who are really unaware of this #MeToo than those who are actively participating.
So, you have to play your own part along with trying to do a bit for those women who don’t have platforms and are not capable of dealing with these sick minds. Hope you (men & women) understand the seriousness of the issue behind #Metoo!
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