These 7 Innovations Can Reduce Women’s Woes And Create Social Impact

There are many women innovators whose ideas, products and entrepreneurial ventures are making a difference to people’s lives. Here are 7 innovations highlighted by the recent Design : Impact Awards from Titan Company.

There are many Indian innovators whose ideas, products and entrepreneurial ventures are making a difference to people’s lives. Here are 7 innovations highlighted by the recent Design : Impact Awards from Titan Company.

According to UNICEF, “Sixty seven per cent of Indian households do not treat their drinking water, even though it could be chemically or bacterially contaminated.” While we pride ourselves on being a fast developing country, these are just some of the many serious problems in India that need – INNOVATION!

Innovation for taking products to the market has largely been the prerogative of men in India, though a few women too have addressed such problems. There are many women whose ideas, products and entrepreneurial ventures are making a difference to people’s lives.

Though they have always been capable of doing more, women’s achievements have often remained in the shadows due to lack of education, and financial resources. Now, the scenario is slowly changing. 

Recently, I went and took a look at the many interesting innovations that were recognised by Titan Company’s Design : Impact Awards initiative. Of the 993 entries received, here are 7 exciting innovations, a few of which have been created by women entrepreneurs, including some specifically for use by women. 

Swajal Water, by Vibha Tripathi

Dr. Vibha Tripathi is the CEO of Swajal water. They have designed internet-of-things (IOT) based clean drinking water machines for providing pure water at a very affordable price. Swajal Water plans to reach out to 10 lakh people in 2018-19, including rural areas.

SpotSense Healthcare Solutions, by Amrita Sukrity

Amrita Sukrity is the Founder of SpotSense Healthcare Solutions, working to make healthcare accessible and affordable to all. They have come up with a device, a pacifier for detecting neonatal sepsis – a bacterial infection that affects newborn babies.

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Trixie, by HV Gayatri

HV Gayatri’s proposed idea is called ‘Trixie’ which would reduce the drudgery of men and women working on waste wires recycled for further use. It is a mechanical tool with a blade. When the wire passes through, it splits the covering and the same can be peeled off easily. This greatly reduces the processing time and workers can earn more.

There were few other innovations as well at the Design : Impact Awards which specifically focus on solving problems faced by women, although not all of them have been created by female founders. 

Sanitary Pads, by Saathi

Saathi is co-founded by Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, Amrita Saigal and Grace Kane. Their aim is to produce fully eco-friendly sanitary pads. Plastic pads are known to have harmful chemicals that are dangerous to women and hazardous to environment. Saathi pads are made from banana fiber with great absorption capacity. They are biodegradable and would degrade within 6 months of disposal.

KEYAR, by Arun Agarwal

KEYAR is a revolutionary product by Janitri, founded by Arun Agarwal. They develop technology to improve maternal and child healthcare. KEYAR is a device to check fetal heart rate and uterine connection. Its affordable, easy to use, wearable and portable during child delivery. It will be of great use in underdeveloped areas with limited medical resources.

Poorti, by Dr. Pawan Mehrotra

Breast cancer is a serious threat to many women. India harbours about 10% of this disease globally. Poorti is a kit with breast prosthesis and related accessories, specially designed to support women during difficult conditions, after their breast cancer surgeries. It provides an all round solution to breast cancer survivors at an affordable cost.  

Goodfeel, by JSR Innovative

Sharada Joshi the chaiperson of JSR Innovative wanted to find solution to an important problem faced by women when they are away from their homes. They often drink less water while travelling for the fear of using unhygienic toilets and risking infection. The solution to this is Goodfeel, a garment that allows women to stand and relieve themselves. Its being used by more than 4000 people and many doctors are recommending it to senior citizens and patients.

Top image via Pixabay and all other images courtesy respective companies

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