This Is How A Non Resident Bengali Feels When She Comes Back To Kolkata For Durga Puja

Staying away from home is not an easy task. We miss our loved ones, our rooms, our little pockets of solitude in our houses and we miss our old selves.

Staying away from home is not an easy task. We miss our loved ones, our rooms, our little pockets of solitude in our houses and we miss our old selves. Even though we may be happy and content with our new lives away, once we go back during our vacations or leave, there’s a sudden burst of happiness in us that leaves us excited like little kids.

We get eager to eat home-cooked meals, walk the same lanes and lie under the old trees.

Going back home is a unique feelings on its own.

“Flight No- SG521 delayed for one hour”

As Urmi read this line on the board above her, another sigh of sadness ran through her breath. She never imagined she could actually spend two years away from home. But the kind of job and lifestyle she had and the kind of person she was moulded into by the corporate life, she barely got time to even cry and miss home.

Today was Saptami. She knew her city would have been dressed and lit up to welcome Maa Durga. Oh what a joy it is to hop around pandals, eating all kind of junk and oily food on the road, clicking unlimited pictures even when you are sweating a river. She missed all of these for the past two years and could not wait even a single moment to land in Kolkata. The pictures and posts on social media by all her friends made her even more jealous.

“Maa… land kore gechi!” That line was sheer music to her mother’s ears who was eagerly waiting for her daughter at the airport.

Urmi was probably the only one on the flight to be dressed in a suit which was heavier than her luggage.

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But she had to follow her mother’s instructions. “Aj Saptami.. Notun jama pore ashbi.”

Yes. Our mothers still called clothes, sarees , tops whatever we wore as…Jama!

As she made her way towards her home, she felt an immense happiness which even her hefty package couldn’t give. The glitter, the music, the ocean of people… made her jump in joy like a child.

The taxi halted in front of her house and Urmi almost ran to the pandal like when she did as a little girl.

There it was… the sound of Dhak, the smoke of Arati , the glittering diyas and her very own Durga Maa.

Urmi folded her hand and bowed her head. A tear rolled down her cheek. Her city has welcomed her along with Maa Durga. She knew she was back to where she belonged.

There was another tear which made its way out of the eyes. That was her mother’s. To see her daughter so happy after such a long span. Now her Durga Puja was complete.

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