Live The Best ANT Life You Possibly Can!

Let the ant in you, take stock of your future needs! ANT? What does an ant have to do with my future needs?

Let the ant in you, take stock of your future needs! ANT? What does an ant have to do with my future needs?

Does she know even know what I want from my life? Too bizarre for anyone to comprehend.

OH it does, it does know a lot; and if we actually let her take stock of our future needs and work like she does towards achieving the same I am sure we all would dance and hop like a grasshopper at the end of the road.

To throw some light, on newly acquired knowledge, on why I am so much relying on this tiny little ant; let me tell you the story of Ant’s life.

The tiny little red-black Ant, as we know her works diligently throughout summer and spring, gathering and storing food for winter months.

Whenever she is on the hunt for food, whatever may be the obstacle, she crosses it, climbs it or goes around it; but does not let the ultimate objective out of her site, even for a minute. She does not shrug her shoulders and give up on her goals ever. Ants are knows to shift mountains (may take them months), but not to give up.

Ants, plan and work, work and plan on it. They thinks of winter all summer, preparing for the worst. Good times don’t last forever and ants instinctively understand this, they gather and store food for the times when food will be scarce. I am sure it does its own little calculation to know how much food she needs to collect to last her the dull season.

They thinks of summer all winter, waiting for the gloomy period to get over, patiently waiting for the sun to shine. They have this in built optimism about better times ahead and lean period coming to an end soon, and together they give hope to each other, waiting patiently for spring to arrive.

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And the best part; being the most intelligent living being, we would ask the question… how much food does she gather during summer, to save for the winter?

Well, the answer is the most innocent and simple: All that she possibly can!

Isn’t it most simple, yet intelligent and true? Don’t we all do it?

Live the life – as best as we possibly can!

Provide for the kids- all that we possibly can!

Live our dreams and aspirations – achieve all that we possibly can in this lifetime!

Isn’t she inspiring? You would also be surprised to know, as the most hardworking and dedicated insect, she is also the longest living one, amongst the insects; she has an average lifespan of 10-15 years…. Wow, isn’t it?

So, Life does reward on our actions. Let’s think like an Ant and go for it, I say.

After all we have an average life span of 70-80 years, so a little more thinking, planning and working is needed on our part, compared to an Ant.


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