The A To Z Reasons Why A SAHM Is Priceless

I know I may be blasted with angry emotions for this post, but I am still trying to find an answer to this never-ending debate. I'm not a 'guilty' homemaker.

I know I may be blasted with angry emotions for this post, but I am still trying to find an answer to this never-ending debate. No, I’m not a ‘guilty’ homemaker.

I always dread the words, “What were you doing since morning”? “Why do you want to hurry when you are at home”?

Why does this stay at home mom shaming still happen to a SAHM, a thankless job, who manages the life of the working class inside a family? A decade before, every time when I stepped out of my house, I would be taken aback with inquiring questions, “Don’t you get bored?” “What do you do the whole day”? It is a terrible agony to answer such questions which personally attack our identity.

When I became a SAHM, I was labelled as unproductive in terms of monetary and demoted to a housewife. I have felt crippled and failed many times. Sometimes I had to mute myself from embarrassing questions like, ”Oh! You have so much time to pamper yourself. You are so lucky to sleep and wake up at your own time, unlike us, who have to get up early and rush to work”.

Come on, It was my personal choice to quit the job and stay home. Besides parenting, I am working on many things from Planning Budget to Potty Cleaning. The only time I ever feel offended by my choice to be a SAHM is when someone questions me “What do you do the whole day?

1.Well, addressing the title of this post, a SAHM is NEVER HOME ALONE. From dawn till dusk, she is occupied. Her potty time is also not spared when the kids and her spouse bang on the door and ask “what are doing there so long”?

  1. She is always TARGET GAME. A victim of harsh comments like lazy, potato couch, good for nothing, useless and many more.

  2. She is a default VOLUNTEER. By right, being a SAHM, she is free to stretch herself to volunteer even without signing up.

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  3. She is the Cock-a-Doodle-Doo and the Night Owl as well.

5. A winner of 26 titles

A to Z of SAHM

A- Alarm clock, Atlas
B – Babysitter, Bartender, Bestie
C – Cook, Cleaner, Calendar
D- Dictionary, DIY, Driver, Demo, Delivery (wo)man
E – Economic Friendly
F – Fosterer
G- Geek, Green House
H- Housewife, Hero, History forever, Healer
I- Idol
J- Joker, Jack of all Trade
K- Key to unlock
L- Lighthouse, Lab rat, Launder, Linguist
M- Miracle Maker
N- Nanny, Nurse
O- Organiser
P- Peacemaker, Potty trainer
Q- Questionnaire
R- Receptionist
S – Storyteller, Scheduler
T- Teacher, Target Game
U- Uplifter, User-Friendly
V- Volunteer
W- Wonder woman, Walkie-talkie, Wizard, Wiper of Butts
X- Xena Warrior Princess
Y- Yummy Mummy who fills the Tummy
Z- Zero Breaker

I don’t have any guilty feelings for staying at home.

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