I Am A Woman!

Posted: March 29, 2018

To be a woman is to be so much more than just anatomy. There are stories fluttering in our bellies, and mysteries waiting to unfurl in our hearts.

I am a Woman
I am a Woman,
…born from the ribs of a ‘Man’;
I am a Woman,
They say…I am Honour of the ‘Clan’.
I am Equal to a ‘Man’,
Very early this Comparison ‘began’…
God made me beautiful…so I can ‘rejoice’…
But very soon they made their ‘choice’,
to protect me from ‘Tan’…,
from sun, wind, and lust of a ‘Man’.
Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife and ‘Gran’,
All roles, …I adore…and ‘I can’;
Give birth to a ‘Man’, protect my child, and hold his ‘hand’…
Yes…all the pain, I love and I do ‘withstand’…..
Yet…always for me…it’s they who take a ‘Stand’.
Marry me off… to a distant ‘land’…
This, they do as quickly as they ‘Can’.
For that’s my ‘destiny’…and they save every ‘penny’;
to make the ceremony …very ‘grand’.
Masters of my fate…they keep changing ‘hands’…,
so I don’t return…even if it gets very ‘bland’.
I embrace every change…I learn every ‘rope’,
Responsible, capable and full of ‘hope’.
Home and outside, Land and Space…all I can ‘Man.’
Yet those who ‘care’ …are always full of  ’scare’.
Join hands…they often do…to ‘Pry’…,
all the time…busy keeping an ‘Eye’…
And ever shouting loud …”Ban, Ban, Ban”…
This was the story till I decided to ‘disband’,
All that kept my dreams slipping like grains of ‘sand’,
The time was ripe to take ‘command’,
I no longer look for a magic ‘wand’,
The joy and the power within is enough to ‘fan’,
My ability to live with purpose and ‘elan’!!
I am a Woman,
…. born from the ribs of a ‘Man’..;
I am a Woman,
They say…I am Honour of the ‘Clan’.
First published here.
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