Doctors Are Not God, No Matter That The Public Expects Miracles From Them!

Why do only doctors and armed forces have to serve the country? The recent attack on doctors must make us reflect.

Why do only doctors and armed forces have to serve the country? The recent attack on doctors must make us reflect.

When you talk about Karma, fate and God, how is it that only a doctor is held responsible and beaten up when a terminal patient dies? Where is your spirituality then?

We forget the critically ill, the accident victims, and those who attempt suicide by poisoning – which you try to hide by keeping patients at home, till they reach the end stage.

You do not come out to donate blood to your own kin when they need blood. Go and see how silently young doctors and residents donate blood every three months to save the lives of their patients.

Do you know how many doctors get TB and Hepatitis B or C? They get TB because many a times because they get no rest, no food and no sleep. They get hepatitis because sometimes, there are no personal protective devices. Many a times, we do not know the immune status of the patients and we cannot delay treatment till the HIV results come in. We are at risk constantly.

There are times especially during our internship residency and junior consultant years (atleast ten years ) where we cannot attend family functions and at times have to plead to go and see a dead relative.

It is hard being a doctor on merit basis. (I am not talking about the rich who buy seats for their children.The rich buy seats everywhere. Not just in medical colleges.) An individual has to have something extra (besides intelligence) to walk this difficult path.

And yes , there are some rotten individuals, but then there are rotten individuals everywhere. If doctors want to make some money, why is it blasphemy? Isn’t the rest of the world making money?

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And you just come and bash us up and the Government wants us to go on. Our parliamentarians get paid for sleeping during sessions if at all they attend them. We have bloody subsidies everywhere.

The banks worked harder during demonetisation and the whole nation drooled over them…isn’t that supposed to be a service sector? And it’s our own money too!

I am a hard working doctor and so are my friends. My daughter often skipped lunch to attend to her duties. She slogged in her short life. No holidays, no picnics…she thought twice about buying anything because it had to fit in the amount she was earning.

Yes, it is a choice we made knowing well what a challenge our lives are.

But respect our choice – we look after you.

Just let this nation go without doctors; no doctors…and let God Save All!

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