9 Mouthwatering Diwali Sweets Made Easier For You To Try This Diwali!

Let us gift and spread smiles with some homemade Diwali sweets. Here are 9 Diwali sweets to make the celebrations all the more sweeter.

Let us gift and spread smiles with some homemade Diwali sweets. Here are 9 Diwali sweets to make the celebrations all the more sweeter.

Come Diwali and with that thought, my mind is filled with plates full of Diwali sweets! We have decided it to be a green Diwali and are encouraging others to #SayNoToCrackers. Green Diwali is prompting us to be more creative with the time spent for Diwali. What better way to spend the time than preparing some homemade Diwali sweets, making it a fun activity for kids and the whole family?

With busy schedules everyday, most of us end up buying crackers and sweets simultaneously. This Diwali cheers me up more and makes me feel, there are more advantages for giving up crackers!

Here are some must try Diwali sweets!

Sweet samosa

This sweet samosa is similar to your gujiya or kajjikayalu but is a Bengali version called Singara (samosa). The main difference is that, this Singara is a sweet and is richer than the regular mawa gujiya. The filling is made with jaggery, coconut and with some crunchy nuts – you can try your own mix – making it a versatile one among Diwali sweets.

The author Trisha has given a very detailed description of the recipe with all the dos and don’ts of it, to make it easy for you. It’s definitely a must-try dessert this Diwali.

Singara: Diwali sweet recipe


Again a jaggery based sweet, and yet tastes very different from the above recipe of sweet samosa. The combination with rice flour makes the adhirasam/ariselu a little crisper on the outside and softer on the inside, and is among the famous Diwali sweets in south India. It’s an authentic traditional South-Indian sweet dish with only two main ingredients yet tastes delectable.

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Adhirasam: Diwali sweet recipe

Motichoor Ladoo

A laddoo is a must during Diwali! Motichoor ladoo is one among these Diwali sweets, and needs no explanation. . Its undoubtedly an all-time favourite of many. The author has provided amazing photographs with labels for each step. Follow the recipe!

Motichoor Ladoo Diwali sweet recipe

Dal Payasam

Again a traditional South-Indian dish, dal payasam or kheer made with chana dal is creamy and also takes care of nutrition during festival time, especially for kids. Forget the regular kheer with vermicelli and include this protein rich and creamier kheer in your list of Diwali sweets this year.

If you are a health-conscious foodie, indulge in this sweet treat that can be prepared with several variations as described in the recipe.

Dal payasam Diwali sweet recipe

Moong dal halwa

I always watch out for oozing ghee in halwas! For the same reason, you feel full even with a small quantity of halwa when compared to other Diwali sweets. If you are someone who is conscious about calories, try this lower calorie version of recipe for moong dal halwa as it’s made with the help of oil instead of ghee as opposed to most of the sweets. Click below to learn more:

Moong dal halwa Diwali sweet recipe

Kala jamun

Gulab jamun has become a popular dessert in many Indian households, but the kala jamun is an equally great or even better option as a Diwali sweet this year! This is a slight variation from regular gulab jamun and looks royal on the dining table! Ruchi has given a very detailed explanation of each and every step with brilliant photographs so that an amateur chef can easily prepare this if followed properly.

Kala jamun Diwali sweet recipe

Kesar malai sandwich

When you take a bite of this Diwali sweet sandwich, you would wonder whether it is the texture or the flavour that is making it melt-in-the-mouth! Kesar/saffron and milk solids is an unbeatable combination in Diwali sweets that you must try.

It’s definitely one recipe prepared with much love and care as every piece of it is assembled carefully to serve a mouthful of heaven!

Kesar malai sandwich Diwali sweet Recipe

So what are you making this Diwali? Do tell us about your favourite Diwali sweets!

Chhena Poda

A popular recipe from the land of Lord Jagannath i.e. Odisha, it’s literal meaning is ‘roasted cheesecake’. Chhena or Paneer (cottage cheese) along with very basic ingredients like ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, rice flour and some dry fruits when baked with love and care results in this delicious and juicy baked Diwali dessert you can definitely attempt.



This is a very delicious and rich dessert which can be made in just 10 minutes with this innovative technique described by Swasthi. Instead of the lengthy process of reducing the milk for hours, use this simple technique to serve a melt-in-the-mouth delicacy this Diwali prepared in just minutes.


Post updated on 1st November 2018. With inputs from Sonal Maharana

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