Rains! Here Are 8 Wonderful Reasons To Plan A Lush Monsoon Getaway!

Why wait for the rainy season to get over to plan a trip? Make the most of rains! Here are top reasons to go for that monsoon getaway!

Why wait for the rainy season to get over to plan a trip? Make the most of rains! Here are top reasons to go for that monsoon getaway!

With the monsoon rains into effect, it is lush green and beautiful all around. Finally the days are much more pleasant and soothing, with the temperatures coming down. It is also a perfect time for a monsoon getaway for all those who don’t mind getting drenched.

A few weeks back when the rains were just getting started in Bangalore, the child and I went down to get wet. Though it was an amazing feeling, given the concrete jungle landscape of our apartment, it didn’t feel so natural to be honest. Added to that, only both of us were crazy enough to actually get wet, no other person in sight!

A week back we were visiting my in-laws place when the summer was at its peak with really unbearable heat and it rained one day. I was elated and we danced in the rain along with  all cousins like it is going to be a ‘no rain’ tomorrow!

Really rain does bring a lot of joy, irrespective of the place you are at. There are a few places which are meant to be visited during the months of monsoon to appreciate the place better and have a relaxing time.

That is when we need to talk about waterfalls! A trip to Coorg a few years back in the month of June was completely an exhilarating experience. Yes we did get wet and felt cold roaming around places and we did so through out the day, but there were no regrets! Besides, the Abbey falls at Coorg was at its best! There was a sudden rain when we were on the steps of Tala Kaveri’s view point and the surroundings were just breathtaking.

Hence this is the perfect time to visit a waterfall if vacation is on your mind. There are few mesmerizing falls that are around Bangalore that make up for a day or a weekend trip like Shivanasamudra falls, Hogenakkal falls, Jog falls, Mekedaatu falls, Abbey falls, Irupu falls etc to name a few. Want more reasons to plan a rainy day outing? Here they are!

Lush green surroundings

The most obvious reason for traveling in monsoon is for the greenery. Nature’s beauty is at its best during this time and if you love landscape photography, there cannot be a better time to do it! The open green fields at different hill stations would be a perfect place to play some football with your kids.

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Streams all the way

I remember the route from Mumbai to Pune taken during the month of June few years back. Utilize day time for travel as those tiny streams hooked in the corners are not to be missed and would make every corner of your drive worthwhile. Places where small natural pools are present would be full with fresh clear water to play around too!

Roadside eateries

When you are soaked in rain and suddenly hear the sizzling sound of sweet corn on red hot charcoal, wouldn’t you just want to eat one? Added to that, there are piping hot chai stalls, boiled sweet corn, peanut sundal, instant jalebis, hot samosas, pakodas, etc. on the roadside eateries that make you savor them better in rainy weather.

Low prices

I bet that this must be on your list for sure! Wanted to stay in that 5 star property but were never able to afford it? Resorts are always pricey around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, being the usual holiday time. But monsoon is the perfect time for indulgence as the prices of luxurious resorts will be low due to the off season.

That rainy experience!

Exploring a place in different seasons adds to a total different experience. For example, though winter is the peak season for Indian beaches, you will see a refreshingly new Goa if you visit during monsoon, when compared to winters.

Waterfalls in full bloom

A waterfall is the most sought after destination during monsoon. When we went on a north Karnataka trip last November, we just had to stop by jog falls as it falls on the way from Gokarna to Shimoga. Then we were let down by the meager droplets of water falling from the cliffs as opposed to gallons of water falling on the bed with fog all around, like it looks on photos on the net. The reason being those pictures were taken during peak monsoon. More disappointed were those who painfully took the nearly 1,400 steps trail to the end of the falls and came back with that exhausted and dull look on their faces! This trial is of course all the worth when the falls are flourishing.

Adventure sports

The adventurous buff in you could not be satisfied more with rivers flowing and waterfalls filling the pools below. Yes this is time to go for white water rafting, kayaking and coracle rides! Time to experience the thrills and adrenaline rush on enthralling rapids!

No device time

Do you know why rains add to the experience? It is because you will make sure not to carry any devices like your mobile or a tablet or a camera during the times when you get wet. This will actually save you from the sudden interruptions of instant messages, which will otherwise disturb the flow of thoughts when you are admiring a view or when having a chat with your loved ones on why you like a particular place. Now the flip side is you cannot get enough photos and selfies, but they are for some other time when rains take a break. Now is the time to get wet and have fun!

Who said rain plays a spoilsport? Let it rain, let it rain and make the most of rains! Go for that monsoon getaway!

Image source: Jog Falls by Shutterstock.


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