Make These 6 Regular Dishes With A Twist, Using Raw Mango Recipes!

Read on to know how you can infuse some of your routine eats with raw mango recipes this summer to make them special!

Read on to know how you can infuse some of your routine eats with raw mango recipes this summer to make them special!

Are you thinking of ways to enjoy the mango (especially raw!) season more and more? Well, you have come to the right place then!  Apart from the famous raw mango recipes like aam panna, mango chutney, pickle or just eating plain with some salt and chilli, there are other interesting ways to relish it.

From last one month I have been sneaking in raw mango in every day recipes, like in dal, sambar, etc. Raw mango recipes have replaced lemon and tamarind in most of my dishes, which not only adds sourness, but gives the ultimate mango flavour as a bonus! Here are 6 such simple ideas for regular dishes with a twist, using raw mango recipes.


Salads become a must have on hot summer days as they keep us hydrated and refreshed. When I went to a botanical garden last week, guess what is sold at every corner? Cucumber and raw mangoes with some salt and chilli – this becomes the most common snacking option at neighborhood parks during summer. You can use raw mango to make a dip for veggies, nachos, etc., too – try this salsa recipe and next time when you have some guests, treat them with some salsa along with some nachos for starters.

Recipe here.

Kairi poha

Poha is one of the most loved and nutritious breakfasts that we know. While onion, green peas and potato are the regular variations, try a seasonal twist with raw mangoes now. You can skip the lime juice at the end of preparation if your mangoes are too sour!

Recipe here.


Stew is a tangy dish in tamarind sauce! It is usually prepared with arbi or sweet potatoes and is served with some hot rice and ghee! This looks pretty much like sambar but there is no dal added to the dish. Try this with raw mangoes and it’s finger licking good! For a variation, you can also replace raw mangoes with ripe ones to get a completely different flavour.

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Recipe here.


This popular south indian dish needs no introduction! Also this recipe is simplest of all to put your raw mangoes to good use. Rasam is usually served with rice, but for those who can’t get enough, can try drinking like a soup in larger portions!

Recipe here.


The Thotapuri variety of mangoes work well for this recipe and the little sugar that you add enhances the taste. This is simple to make and can be had with rice/roti or can be used as a yogurt dip.

Recipe here.


Yes, raw mangoes can be used in koftas too! This raw mango recipe for kofta curry goes wonderfully with your phulkas for that main course in your dinner parties this summer. With the addition of hung curd and cashew nuts to raw mangoes, this combination becomes too irresistible to not try your hands at!

Recipe here.

Image source: raw mango curry by Shutterstock.


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