Try These 7 Nutritious Yet Tasty Vegetable Juices As Refreshing Summer Drinks

Here is a list of easy to make and tasty vegetable juices that are both nutritious and also act as refreshing summer drinks.

Here is a list of easy to make and tasty vegetable juices that are both nutritious and also act as refreshing summer drinks.

Summer is here and it demands us to be hydrated well. With buttermilk/chaas and tender coconut water being the easiest and sought after summer drinks, there are other sweetened ones including lemonade, mocktails, fresh fruit juices, sherbet, etc. for variation. We can include few more healthy drinks to kick start the day.

These drinks are mostly made of vegetables and are low on both sugars and calories and high on nutrients. Having vegetable juices on an empty stomach as first thing in the morning has umpteen health benefits. They are good for your skin and hair too. Often people are confused about which vegetables to combine for juicing. Here are some options that you can start with.

Green Juice

Especially good for women as the greens intake will take care of the iron, calcium and vitamin needs of the body. Along with green vegetables, apple is also used as one of the ingredients in the recipe for its consistency and sweetness.

Recipe here.

Carrot-ginger juice

Ginger is considered as a wonder ingredient that fights infections in the body. Carrot juice with the combination of ginger and lime juice is very refreshing and makes the juice more interesting. While carrot tastes good in any form, you can have this as a quick fix if you are not very keen on trying carrot in your salads or don’t have enough time.

Recipe here.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot, with other vegetables like tomato and carrot, helps in flushing toxins out of your body. Beetroot juice is also said to have other health benefits like managing blood pressure and is a good tonic for a glowing skin too!

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Recipe here.

Amla juice

Amla or Indian gooseberry is yet another simple ingredient for a summer drink. It is loaded with vitamin C, which helps in building the immune system. It can be had plain or after mixing with jaggery/honey, or in the form of chaas/buttermilk for a salted version and as a variation to plain buttermilk.

Recipe here.

Bottle gourd juice

While cucumbers are most commonly used as a summer cooler; lauki or bottle gourd has equally amazing cooling effect on your body during summer. It sounds like an unusual ingredient for a vegetable juice when compared to cucumber or carrot, but can be made interesting by adding few spices and mint leaves.

Recipe here.

Banana stem juice

Banana plant is often called as the plant where none of its produce is wasted, be it raw banana, banana fruit, banana flower, banana leaves, banana stem etc. Every part gets used in some form or the other. Here we concentrate on banana stem, and the recipe gives details on how to make banana stem juice and gives both sweet and salted versions. Banana stem juice is especially useful for weight loss.

Recipe here.

Pudina juice

Pudina (mint) is an extensively used green in its raw form. It is added in many summer cooler recipes, for garnishing, as part of famous green chutney for chaats and samosas, as a spread for sandwiches, as a traditional pickle, flavoured rice, parathas, etc. to name a few. Now try this in the form of sherbet to savour it more!

Recipe here.

Image source:  refreshing vegetable juices by Shutterstock.


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