6 Fun DIY Ideas To Make Your Kids’ Room’s Walls Look Exciting And Colourful!

Here are 6 ideas for beautiful DIY wall art in your kids room this summer, that can also keep them constructively occupied, happy, and out of your hair!

Here are 6 ideas for beautiful DIY wall art in your kids room this summer, that can also keep them constructively occupied, happy, and out of your hair!

It is the summer break, and it is required to keep the kids occupied with constructive activities. It could include basic household chores like gardening, cooking, cleaning, arranging things at home etc. They also need some food to nurture their creative minds and that is where arts and crafts come into picture. There cannot be a better time to experiment with DIY wall art on the walls of your kids room.

Though summer camps are a great place to experiment with DIY wall art, doing it in their own room would definitely give them a bigger sense of accomplishment. For those who are trying to encourage their kids to sleep in their own room, this is an added advantage!

While other wall decor ideas like decals, intricate art, panels, painting, posters etc also make the walls look great, these are expensive. So let’s get down to some interesting yet simple, cost effective ideas to work with your children and make their room look more beautiful.

Colourful butterflies

Flying butterflies, leaves, birds, etc. when made in a group will look good on a wall. The best part is that you can just repeat the same design and yet make the space look enticing.

This video shows a simple way to make a bunch of butterflies with paper and uses a tack it glue (glue that looks like a bubble gum and can be reused for decorations), which makes the process non-messy and super easy!

Cardboard letters

Making bigger alphabets in 3D and sticking them to wall is another cool idea. You can make words like DREAMS, SMILE, FUN BEGINS HERE, BE HAPPY, HELLO!, LOVE, RISE & SHINE, KEEP CALM & PLAY, etc. and stick them to the wall.

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This video shows you how to make one such alphabet out of a cardboard. You can be creative in sticking glitter paper or foam sheet or paint or washi tape and other such embellishments to each alphabet to make it look outstanding.

A toy fence

A picket fence looks super cute and brings a soothing experience to a kid’s room decor. For this reason I guess the cribs for kids are always designed in a similar pattern.

A picket fence can be made out of a cardboard and as shown in the video, you can stick cute bunnies or your kid’s favorite animal cutting and stick to the wall.

Canvas boards

How about some inspiration in your kids’ room? Yes I am talking about quotes, and canvas makes up for an elegant base for it.

Now get a plain canvas and do it yourself by creating your kid’s favorite animals, patterns, abstract painting, quotes, etc. on it. You can even get a stencil of your liking and paint it accordingly on the canvas and hang it on the walls.

Photo wall hanging

A string based photo wall hanging is the simplest of all DIY wall art and is a good way to recollect all those fond memories. The advantage is that this can be used to display not only pictures but also your kids most precious artwork!

Washi tape art

Washi tape is made from natural fibres that are usually native to Japan. These are the most versatile tapes that you must have come across till date! They can be used for wall decor, gift wrapping, for lamps, doors, pen stands, etc. to increase the beauty of the decor.

Here is a video on using it on walls.

Image source: youtube.


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