Try Out These 6 Yummy Recipes That Use Winter Vegetables Before You Say Goodbye To Winter

Winter vegetables will not be so easily available as we move into spring and summer. Try out these sumptuous Indian recipes before they are all gone.

Winter vegetables will not be so easily available as we move into spring and summer. Try out these sumptuous Indian recipes before they are all gone.

I switched on the fan in our Bangalore home after months, which reminded me that summer is just around the corner. When I checked the temperature two days back, it was already close to 35 degrees and I just could not believe it! Hence I loaded my cart with all the winter vegetables available, as they might disappear from the market anytime soon.

Here is a list of recipes you might want to try one last time for this season, before the golden mango season starts!

Carrot burfi

The juicy red carrots are a bliss in winter, their unique taste and crunchiness is all the worth to wait until winter every year. I am sure most of us must have already tried red carrot soup, salad, aloo carrot/matar carrot/beetroot carrot sabji, basically in every form possible!

Of all these, gajar ka halwa is the most famous one. Do try this in burfi form too for a variation.


Sarson ka saag(mustard leaves)

I had sarson ka saag for the first time in a north Indian restaurant and loved it instantly! This great Punjabi dish is like a staple in winters and best combo is to have it with makki ki roti.

Sarson ka saag is made of mustard leaves, with an optional mix of other greens such as palak. The recipe is very simple and has a distinct flavour, check out the recipe.

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Green peas with malai

From the time winter started, shelling green peas has been the favorite weekly past time for me and my son! Green peas can be conveniently used in all kinds of upma, parathas, vegetable stir fries, but do not forget to savour its taste along with some malai! I know it is high on calories, but no harm in trying this recipe before fresh peas go off the market and this will be kids favorite for sure!


Avarakkai curry (broad bean seeds)

Another wonder vegetable which is high on protein is broad bean seeds, called as avarakkai in Kannada. Like green peas, these seeds are also available pre-shelled if you don’t have enough time to shell them. These can be eaten just like that after boiling, or make a stir fry too. This gravy based recipe tastes yum along with your rotis.


Gobi manchurian dry

While aloo gobi still stands as the favorite sabji for many, gobi is otherwise extremely popular with tea time snacks and in starter recipes.

My son has developed a liking of gobi manchurian. So I always try to buy a big sized cauliflower, so I can use it for both sabji and also make some manchurian for him. This is good to try as a seasonal snack.


Sweet potato stew

Sweet potato, like broad beans seeds, can be had just like that after boiling and still tastes yummy! There are other variations to it – be it the soup, halwa, parantha or tikka.

You should try the Andhra style stew with sweet potato. This tangy stew tastes awesome with some hot rice and ghee. Here is the recipe.


Food is something that makes up for the severity of every season. It becomes a reason to rejoice and stay glad! So, what are you making today?

Image source: Gobi Manchurian by Shutterstock.


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