Komal Thakur, Entrepreneur, On Why Creating New Experiences Is Essential For Success

Posted: February 1, 2016

Komal Thakur, a woman entrepreneur in media, shares why creating new experiences is essential for an entrepreneur to drive Success.

A hallmark of the current generation is that we get bored very easily! From kids to adults, we all wish to do something different. Be it a movie or a restaurant or places to explore, people always tend to try something new; something that is the ongoing trend.

Although all of us have age old favorites which would not change with time, like the neighbourhood coffee shop, that special dress or your favorite movie which is on loop every alternate Sunday, apart from those few treasured ones, if we are to try something new, there are many deals out there in the market that offer us the opportunity.

In this age of super customization and competition for everything, what do you think makes a business stand out? One thing would be the kind of experience that they offer their customers. It is not just about the end product or service, but also about the whole new experience that one gets in dealing with a business.

Here in this video from our last Breaking Barriers event from Mumbai, we have Komal Thakur, Co-founder of Trompeloeil Media Pvt. Ltd, talk about how they strongly believe in creating such newer experiences for their customers.

They have ventured into television shows and plan to extend it to movies further. Hear more in this short video!

Be part of our next Breaking Barriers event to hear from many such inspiring entrepreneurs, get to know about different creative ventures and perhaps you will create a new experience yourself!

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