7 Tips To Maximize Storage In Small Spaces

Here are 7 tips for you to maximize storage capacity in small homes, as well as in smaller spaces in larger homes.

Here are 7 tips for you to maximize storage capacity in small homes, as well as in smaller spaces in larger homes.

A home is a home is a home, no matter how small or big! Although the beauty of the home and peace for your mind are guaranteed only when it is clutter free. A space for everything inside your home might be difficult to create but there are smart options to reuse the existing space for multiple things. Before you think of cabinets as the only solution, let me tell you that might not be the best of ideas for increasing your home’s storage capacity. While fixing the issue of storage, one should not forget to retain the beauty of the walls and there by the home simultaneously!

If you are trying to set up your new home, initially the enthusiasm would be boundless and you will be easily tempted to buy everything at one go. After a period of time, you will realize that half the things that you bought in a hurry are either not really useful or you don’t like them or might find better alternatives in the market. Hence it is always better to just get the essential things and buy the remaining ones at a slower pace, which will save your smaller spaces getting cramped up with unnecessary and odd sized accessories.

Again, if you focus more on trying the home to look like those in interior magazines, you might have little difficulty in having an acceptable lifestyle. For example,

  1. If the salt and sugar are also tucked away inside your over head or under the counter kitchen cabinet, would you feel comfortable in every day cooking?
  2. If you have to open your 8 feet sliding wardrobe every time, just to take a comb out, would it be convenient?
  3. If you keep your washing powders only in the bathroom and walk every day from your utility area to bathroom just to get a spoonful of washing powder, do you mind taking such trips for every cycle of wash?

These are some of the practical questions and the answers best depend on one’s lifestyle rather than a perfect solution. Hence it is ok to have some open storage as well, to ensure a smooth routine at home.

Let us check out some cool options now

Don’t forget the corners!

Often the corners are overlooked as we tend to look for larger spaces for storage. Simple ladder units, couple of open shelves or narrow, but tall chest of drawers can be planned. Corner shelves can also be used to store your books.

storage options

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Divide and store

If you have a single room for living and dining and would like to have a partition in between, go for a room divider which comes with storage. All your show pieces and artifacts can comfortably go here. Even a crockery unit can act as a room divider and looks good nest to your dining space. If you have an open kitchen then you can go for a half wall divider, which acts as a breakfast counter, which again comes with storage cabinets.

storage options


Under/Over the bed

Under the bed storage is the most common way of bedroom storage option known to us. Hassle free smooth moving drawers are now available with beds that come with storage. Also, one can use the wall towards the bed’s headboard to increase the storage capacity. Depending upon your needs, you can go for cabinets all around the head board or just have open shelves above the head board to place books or display photo frames or toys in your kid’s room.



Hidden storage

There are hidden spots in every home where you can sneak in few things conveniently. For example, you can have pockets to the side of your sofa to keep your television remotes, place hooks behind your bedroom or bathroom doors to hang clothes or towels, a sleek cabinet behind your bathroom mirror, keep few baskets below your study table etc. Even ottomans come with storage these days, and it is a good choice as they double up for seating as well.


Side tables

Instead of going for a larger unit to store everything, which would eventually eat up your wall space, go for more side tables with minimal drawers spread across your home. This will not only look good aesthetics wise and act as good stands for your lamps, but will also help you with storing numerous things in those drawers like your chargers, cables, candles, stationery, camera, albums, unused electronic items etc



Baskets – the way to go

This is extremely useful with either kids around or if someone at home has a hobby of doing crafts. All your teeny-weeny art supplies would be difficult to sort and store, if not for baskets and small mugs. The good thing is that you get baskets in almost all the sizes and materials like bamboo, wicker, plastic etc to match your needs. Baskets can be used in all the rooms starting from kitchen to bedrooms, study and in bathrooms.


Hanging racks

This is especially useful in kitchen where you can hang pots and pans. You can opt for hanging racks fitted from the ceiling, over your breakfast counter and they look good especially if you have an island kitchen. Otherwise, there are numerous accessories which come in stainless steel that can be attached to your kitchen counter wall to hang ladles, pans or store little jars.



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