Merry Date With Carnivale Familia Bangalore: Here Are The Highlights

Here are the highlights of the most memorable family event, Carnivale Familia, that was organized by Women’s Web in Bangalore on November 22nd

Here are the highlights of the most memorable family event, Carnivale Familia, that was organized by Women’s Web in Bangalore on November 22nd.

The carnival day has finally arrived and there was so much excitement built as we were gearing up for the events with stuff like putting up banners, getting ready with event passes, arranging items for different kids competitions, coordinating with stall owners, being equipped for workshops etc.

The event kick started at 10 am at Rangoli metro art centre with kids coming in along with their parents, looking forward for a fun filled day. Some of them were so enthusiastic that they came in special costumes for the fancy dress competition with the theme ‘Around the world’ and brought a festive look to the event. Here is a picture of kids dressed up for the same.


fancy dress

The entire Bayalu area of Rangoli Metro Art centre was reserved for different activities for kids, starting from drawing and painting by Mother’s Recipe, rangoli, writing competition and also a stall to observe and try their hands at science experimentation. This was a great platform for them to know science in an amusing way. Here is what Ranjani from Science Hopper team had to say:

carnivale familia

We did a science display and experimentation with children in the carnival. All the kids were amazed and got inquisitive about how different things happen, especially the chemical experiments. It was a mix of fun and learning for them and it will definitely open up different learning avenues for kids who are around 4th/5th grade. Even the Parents are very interested to participate along with kids and there was a spirit of curiosity all around where they observed and learnt. This was an event with a mix of arts, science, theater workshops etc which provides an opportunity for kids to try their hands at different things under one roof. Overall a different and positive experience for everyone

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And then there was Just Books conducting creative writing competition and of course ample reading happened too.

Akshata of Just Books – Many kids were keen on reading at the carnival. This kind of events help kids interact with other kids, and observe different workshops/people as kids learn a lot from observation. Though every child is imaginative and creative in his/her own way, they might be a little shy in expression and platforms like these lets kids to get rid of it and try newer things, who are otherwise occupied with their regular schools. Parents were also happy to see the kids read and were encouraging them to get more involved with books.

Meanwhile I was busy at the registration desk and Anju, our marketing manager was coordinating with women entrepreneurs set up their stalls. I just took a moment to get this quirky shot with our founder, Aparna. All the carnival fun is in my hat, isn’t it?


How can we forget the spirited workshops amidst all these, which kept the action going on! The zumba session was a hit for which kid doesn’t like jumping around and having fun? Even the instructor, Sunitha had such a great time with the kids that she was really happy to be part of it, let’s hear that in her own words,

“This event was excellently organized and congratulations to Women’s Web team. The stalls, workshops and competitions were all good and my kids actually felt that one day is not enough to explore all of them! Very happy to be part of it and thoroughly enjoyed my zumba session and the kids learnt how to stay fit and healthy with dance, even if they have don’t get much time to play outdoors. This event also establishes a good connectivity and I got calls from parents who are keen on exploring further about zumba. And looking at different stalls, kids will even get ideas on what kinds of handicrafts can be made and gifted. Children usually have just few hobbies and these events let them explore other meaningful  art forms and teach them how important they are.”


When I stepped into the auditorium where Aparna Raman of Timbuktoo is organizing a writing workshop, it was a sight not to be missed! The kids were busy in sketching their imaginative monsters and the best part is the description each one was giving for their sketch. I was in splits and astonished when my 4 year old son said’ this is my brilliant monster’ showing his own drawing, I can never imagine myself being so creative! Really, every kid is gifted in his or her own way and they just need a medium to express! Aparna says,

The kids developed the exposure to using their imagination, thinking for themselves, understanding good, kind, mean, bullying characters, and finally to express their ideas in art and words. I think it’s a great platform to expose children to different creative activities, each of which put different faculties to use. Some of the parents were pleased and amused by the children’s thinking and writing in monster creation. They also liked the myth busting view point that monsters needn’t be all bad. They could be cute, funny and even cuddly!


carnivale familia2

And there were other workshops where Sreedevi of Darter did a photography session and the art teacher, Amrutha from Trio World Academy taught kids how to quickly draw using alphabets and numbers. They both feel that a space with workshops concentrated on different fields is definitely important for a child.

Carnivale Familia

When kids were not busy with workshops and competitions, they were busy making diyas with potter, getting entertained by the clown and taking pictures at a selfie corner by Baby Chakra. Also adults were busy shopping the most unique handicrats/décor at the ingenious stalls by women entrepreneurs. So much fun for kids and family time well spent on an otherwise boring weekend, make sure you don’t miss it the next time for those who could not make it to the carnival.

More such lively clicks from the event can be found here.


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