Who Told You That? 7 Diet Myths Busted

There are many myths that revolves around dieting, here 7 such diet myths are busted. Do read whether you are dieting or not.

There are many myths that revolves around dieting, here 7 such diet myths are busted. Do read whether you are dieting or not. 

Once you decide to lose your weight and get back in shape, people will offer you all kinds of strange advice. Eat less, exercise more, sleep more. They will pass on a list of foods that will make you fat and a list that you should not touch even on your cheat day.

Here’s the truth: there are many things that you could be doing wrong. Most dietary myths circulate because each person’s reaction to food and exercise is different. So let me take you through some common myths that need to be dispelled now.

Myth number 1: Carbs make you fat

The truth is that there are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. If you eat a lot of white bread and pasta; both of which have a large bad carb content, which is heavier to digest, then it accumulates in your body.
However, this does not mean you give a miss to good carbs present in multi grain bread, beans and fruits. Eating whole wheat bread toast in the morning is not going to make you fat. Maintain a low carb diet regularly, but don’t give up on carbs altogether.

Myth number 2: Coffee helps you lose weight

Caffeine restricts your appetite. It doesn’t make you hungry for an amount of time after you consume it. However, it does not help you lose weight. If you’re having sugar in your coffee, you’re loading it up with calories anyway.
Also, if you’re addicted to more than a few cups of coffee daily, then it is likely that you will feel more tired and eventually increase chances of hypertension and anxiety. Neither of these things are helpful in losing weight.

Myth number 3: You need to cleanse or detox regularly

Many people would have told you to go on a liquid diet to cleanse or detox periodically. This may be after you’ve eaten a lot of junk over the weekend or have had a binge drinking session.
However, the truth is that you’re body is already doing this for you. Your liver especially is functioning in a way to throw out all your excess toxins and keep your body naturally detoxed.

Myth number 4: A juice diet will help you reduce weight drastically

While many people opt for a juice or liquid diet, this may not provide you with the essential protein that your body needs. You need protein for better metabolism.
So skipping a meal with protein is just going to damage your metabolism. If you feel lighter and healthier after a glass of juice as a meal, add a little protein supplement to make it a more wholesome meal.

Myth number 5: Avoid eggs

Many nutritionists are often baffled when their patients come to them with a firm idea that eggs are bad for health. Each egg contains six grams of proteins and five grams of fat. Also, the combination of this fat and protein is extremely essential for metabolism. Moreover, the yolk is very nutritious for you. So unless you have extremely high cholesterol, don’t give eggs a miss.

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Myth number 6: Eating after 6 pm leads to weight gain

Dinner is dinner; whether you eat at 6 in the evening, or at midnight. The reason for this myth is only because if you eat early, digestion continues normally till you fall asleep.
If you have a late dinner, you will inevitably end up feeling hungry in a few hours, or feel bloated in the morning. The safe way is to keep a minimum of two and a half hours between your dinner and sleep time.

Myth number 7: Stay away from bananas, rice and potatoes

One banana in the morning with breakfast will provide you with the necessary potassium and fibre that will keep you energized throughout the day.
Rice has a substance called methionine that helps to mobilize fat from the liver. Though rice is extremely healthy, you just need to avoid stocking it up and fill your plate with it. Healthy portions of rice will contribute to a more wholesome diet.
Similarly, potatoes have potassium and vitamins; thus making them a necessity in your meal. Don’t fry them or load them with butter though. No one said that was healthy.

While controlling your diet and exercising is the best way to keep in shape, don’t believe in everything you hear. If unsure about how to construct a healthy diet, consult a nutritionist or doctor. But remember, good food cooked in a healthy wholesome way, will never turn back on you.

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