A Fearless Woman [Poem]

Posted: November 13, 2015

A poem about a woman born in grim realities of patriarchy, but finally finds enough strength to rise from her own ashes.

Enchanted by the sky tonight

In my bed I held him tight

I held him like an hourglass

The more I clinch, the more I lost

The way he looked into my eyes

I didn’t feel like a gift, but prize

I told myself he was the one

Ardor at heart had just begun

I dressed in red, a glittering sight

A papermatche, empty inside

Through eyes I flirt

My smile would hurt

My soul would shrink inside

A hollow bride


The day was cursed

As mother nursed

The rest would grieve and mourn

Wish they had known

I could be more

Than a burden and décor

Grew up in shadows, born to strife

Why should I lose? Why should I hide?

My heart ripped and voice crushed

The blood mistaken for blush

My fate was sealed

My dreams were peeled

Cadaver with a purl

An empty girl


Never born, never knew why

I heard a scream, a squeal and a sigh

It was a happy end for some

I saw my cradle frail and numb

She wept, she moaned, she shivered in pain

Like a casket she would remain

“Why didn’t you use the lion and sword?

Like your picture on the wall?”

That isn’t me she exclaimed

My pride is dead, my courage slain

“Oh mother what I see in you

A millions stars and a million new”

No my child that is not true

Even if I could I wouldn’t undo

To save your life from vicious fumes

(I chose to be) – A wounded womb


She didn’t believe what she was told

She was the clay they could not mould

To every rule she had a why

As the world would vilify

She read the tales of a braver lass

‘Who knew her cage was made of glass

For glass to melt she would need the sun

As she grew, so did the passion

From the stars she borrowed light

Until one day, it grew so bright

The night had turned into day

It was then the earth flourished they say’

The fable stirred her anxious mind

She gathered all that she could find

She made herself a pair of wings

Then touched the sky and rode the winds

She rose from fire, like a beacon

A fearless woman!

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