Reunited At Sea [Poem]

Packed with stunning imagery and meaning, 'Reunited At The Sea' is a poem about the ebb and flow of life.

Packed with stunning imagery and meaning, ‘Reunited At Sea’ is a poem about the ebb and flow of life.

Days are long, bright and sunny

Silver of water, blue of shades,

Vastness of the world at large

The commerce, the many trades


The wonder of the worldly sights,

Ripples, surfs, cacophonous day –

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Make not a mark upon me,

Not a scratch that I may say.

Dry of sands, moist of farms,

Lay spread, long and wide.

A thin, thin path stretched out –

I could walk it down on either side.

On one side is a life that was,

It has but some lights and shadows.

The other side, one that could be –

Green and luring, sun-kissed meadows…

I have a choice, a choice that can

Decide for me, which road to take –

Storms, waves, breezes and shelters,

A journey or a fateful wreck…

And the moon-rays bloom, rise and shine,

Blessed and solitary, many a night –

Looking back – the long-lost moments,

The wrong that was, become a right.

Trough floats, with all its lows,

Come the crest, come the high,

One horizon to another,

Waves ripple, life goes by…

Throw you may – away, afar,

The Sea but comes, the Sea gives back

And when you give all of you to it,

It gives you back, what you lack.

A longing for a place, I craved –

It was lonely, homeward bound –

Melody sank the tides, the waves,

Love afloat – lost and found.

And then I see, I see us come,

For all that matter, for all that are –

Our souls – blessed and bathed in glory,

Arise, embrace, joined in prayer.

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