How To Make Walls Look Great: 7 Ways To Transform Your Living Spaces

Thinking of how to make walls look great? From consoles to mirrors, find out ways to make them cheerful and sparkling with life!

Thinking of making those walls look great? The four walls in every room in the house are more than just partitions. From consoles to mirrors, find out ways to make them cheerful and sparkling with life!

There is a tremendous transformation in the way the interiors of a home are being done. I remember from my childhood that there used to be a lot of insistence on having cupboards all over the home. The idea behind this was that we will be able to store a lot of things and would not run out of storage space in the long run. While the idea sounds good, there are some disadvantages in getting wood work done on every possible wall at home. For one, we really do not need so much storage. We would end up stocking a lot of unnecessary things that actually should have been disposed. After some days, we would not really remember what was stored and where, if the storage was endless. Finally, the house looks like one big suitcase for storage rather than a space that contains different elements, elements that make it  a beautiful home

So clear up your walls and let them breathe. A house’s walls need not look empty and boring, and there are in fact numerous options of decorating your walls and giving a life to them.

1. Texture is trending

Let one wall be unique in the living/dining room; it can be a clad wall (stones, bricks, wood etc), a wall with decals, wall papered space, a wall with highlighters like coco panels, pearl tiles, wooden mosaic, bamboo tiles, bagasse, etc., or a wall with just different colours of paint from the rest of your room. The options are just endless to get a textured wall look. Go ahead and hang your family pictures or paintings or any other artifacts. A touch of special lighting would highlight the wall and it would bring your room to life.


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2. Go itsy-bitsy green

The best way to keep your self pleasant at home is to have some greenery around. If not for the entire home, the kitchen is a place where most of the walls are used for storage. And in this age of apartments there is hardly enough space to experiment some wall art in the kitchen. But there is good news, why don’t you check out some cool wall/window planters for that tiny strip of unused space in your kitchen? Or you can have wall planters in your few feet balcony too! They are easy to water, easy to maintain and look super pretty in those lilliputian pots.

7 Ways To Make Your Walls Graceful

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3. The Merry Groove

Kids’ room is a place where there should not be any hard and fast rules for any kind of particular décor. Go funky, let kids’ feel that the décor is exclusively as per their tastes – the more the merrier. You can have a wall with soft board/black board for them to make quick notes, and have a wire to hang the kids’ artwork, display school projects, have baskets to store different craft materials/clay or use fun neon tape to create their own way to wall art.


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4. Intimate tones for passage

Make the passage ways engaging with your personal style or handicrafts. You can use the wall to assemble a gallery of art. Suppose if you have a hobby of landscape photography then you can hang frames of nature photographs. Similarly you can put up frames of your own paintings, quilled work, funny/inspirational quotes, food, vintage art or just a bunch of empty frames!

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5. Intellectual consoles

Yes I am talking about book storage here. If you are bookish then you would definitely need a place to store and display all your reads. Make your study or part of living room or guest bedroom wall to have decent shelving for your books. Whether you like the old fashioned glass door cabinets or contemporary wall art shelving, the market offers it all.

7 Ways To Make Your Walls Graceful

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6. Do it with mirrors

If you have a small room in your house and want to create a sense of space and airiness then mirrors is the way to go. You can also hang mirrors opposite to the window from where the natural light comes in to make your room more radiant. Mirrors are mostly used to decorate the foyer walls for a gracious welcome.


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7. Sconces and panels

Often ceiling is considered as the 5th wall of your home. Many families are going for a false ceiling lighting to experience the ambience of evenly distributed soft lighting. But at the same time it is pricey too and hence for this reason, often it is limited to living area. So when it comes to bedrooms you can experiment your walls with some sconces and show panels here and there to improve the aesthetics of the room. Mini show panels can be used to display different artifacts that you have collected during your travel or have some picture frames.


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What are your ideas for decorating walls? Do share in the comments section below.

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