Words Can Hurt: Stop Verbal Abuse #BearNoMore [Video]

Verbal abuse is equally damaging as physical violence, because words can cut through, ones head and heart. It's time to identify and stop it.

Verbal abuse is equally damaging as physical violence, because words can cut through, ones head and heart and stay for a real long time. It’s time to identify and stop it.

One of the greatest miracles of life is to find someone who loves us deeply and passionately. Being a woman we have the same aspiration as any other human being to be loved fully and wholly. When our quest for authentic connection culminates after finding the right man, we surrender and entrust him with all that is ours.

There are some things though whose reins should always be in our hands. Our joy, our pride, our sense of self should always be our responsibility. It is difficult to make these distinctions as since childhood we have been fed by a rather unhealthy dose of various lessons to cultivate a resilient spirit and to bear certain injustices to wait for a man to be ‘domesticated’.

All the home schooling makes women forget that she is a lover and not a nanny with a full time job ready to bear the excesses of the same man with whom she shares her heart and bed with. Her love not only deserves be reciprocated but also celebrated.

All the glorious women out there please remember that no man or woman is the custodian of your body and spirit except for you. No matter what the world instructs you, raise your voice the first time. Don’t take accept a single abuse hurled at you, physical or verbal. You matter and your love matters.

Love Matters India, a multimedia platform gives information about love, sex and relationships. They are running  the initiative #BearNoMore which is a campaign against intimate partner violence. You can join the campaign and make your voice heard here.

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