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[VIDEO] Inspiration From Life’s Testing Phases: Entrepreneur Vaishali Gupta

Posted: August 3, 2015

Vaishali Gupta, the Founder of ReLiva, a physiotherapy chain in Mumbai shares the difficulties she faced due to ill-health and how it prompted her to become an entrepreneur. Here is her story!

When something drastic happens in life, for some the dreams shatter; but for others, dreams evolve. We may think that it is the end of everything when we face a severe health issue, but Vaishali Gupta thought otherwise!

She grew up as an ambitious girl, worked hard and made a successful career, created a lovely family, had many more dreams and passion to achieve things – when life threw her a curve ball.

Her journey to entrepreneurship was not a smooth one; it happened when she was going through a testing phase of life with health issues as well as needing to take care of young children. She went on to co-found ReLiva Physiotherapy & Rehab along with her husband, as a chain of physiotherapy centres offering the very therapy she herself needed the most once.

Vaishali says that the kind of quality, professional care needed was not available well in India, which made her realize the importance of the same and prompted her to start her business.

ReLiva’s objective is to provide quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, which can also be availed from the comfort of your home or office. They believe in total care, which includes not just relieving pain but also educating people about their illness/injury and the precautions needed for the future, thus making them physically fit to continue their activities as in the pre-injury days.

Inspiration is present everywhere; all that matters is if we are paying close attention to the world around us! Refusing to give up is a trait that Vaishali Gupta had in plenty and that’s what has made her an entrepreneur today.

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