4 Easy To Make Sweets At Home That Will Make You Love August

Here are 4 easy to make sweets at home for your August festivities. They are healthy and your taste buds will be happy too. Try them today.

Here are 4 easy to make sweets at home for your August festivities. They are healthy and your taste buds will be happy too. Try them today.

I always wonder if we prepare sweets for a celebration or just celebrate to have sweets! It is hard to name any festival without thinking about the food that adorns the dining tables. We might not celebrate each and every festival, but it is good to have some cross-cultural friends, at least to witness the kind of festivities and simultaneously enjoy some lip smacking food too. Starting from the month of August, there is a queue of festivals lined up for the next couple of months which start with Vara Lakshmi Vratam, Onam, Krishnashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Milad Un Nabi, Christmas etc, to name a few.

Few people are too health conscious these days and are trying to skip sweets for festivals. But I say that the sweets prepared at home are good to have as you would enjoy the process of making them and also keep the age-old recipes and culture of it alive. A substantial amount of time and effort goes into home-made sweets thereby prompting us to limit the quantity and therefore the consumption too! If you think that sweets are not good for health, probably we should try skipping ready-made foods and colas which have artificial sweeteners, and are more hazardous than the regular sugar and jaggery. Anyway, moderation is the key!

Let us have a look at few regional favorites, specific to some of the August festivals

Mawa Gujiya

Teej is a north Indian festival typically celebrated by girls and women during the monsoon season when they play on swings, accompanied by music and dance. Needless to say, sweets are a substantial part too. Famous among them is Mawa Gujiya made from a filling of Khoya and dry fruits. Similar version of the sweet is also made in Maharashtra, called Karanji and in Andhra, called Kajjikaya, with differences in the filling. Here is the recipe for Mawa Gujiya and for health conscious guys, there is a baked version too!

Recipe: Mawa Gujiya

Ada Pradhaman

Onam is celebrated in Kerala across people belonging to different communities. The festivities include flower rangoli, boat races and other cultural programmes. And coming to our focus part, it’s a mouth-watering feast called ‘Onam Sadya’ and the main dessert that is served is different Payasams/kheers, and a famous variety is ‘Ada Pradhaman’.  It is a nice variation to the regular kheer and uses rice flakes, jaggery and coconut milk as the main ingredients.

Recipe: Ada Pradhaman

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Poornam Boorelu

Now this is a delicacy from Andhra. The Vara Lakshmi Vratam falls on 28th of this month and is auspicious for goddess Lakshmi. I really enjoy two aspects of this festival, one – decorating the idol and needless to say, the food spread. Do take the help of your kids as they would also enjoy doing little things and in the process learn the significance of our festivals. Poornam Boorelu is crunchier on the outside and softer on the inside, and I bet you cannot stop with just one!

Recipe: Poornam Boorelu


Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival that is celebrated across India and needs no explanation. Depending on the region, different varieties of sweets make their place on the aarti plate. But one of the popular sweets made for this festival is Ghevar, with its roots in Rajasthan. Though there are variations to this much loved sweet like mawa Ghevar, malai Ghevar etc, many people have been loyal to the basic version of it. Let us have a look at the recipe quickly!

Recipe: Ghevar

There is no exaggeration when we say that the list of festivals and sweets is just endless. Share with us if we have missed any famous August festival and the sweets involved or if you know about unconventional sweets from your region!

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