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[VIDEO] Apurva Purohit: You Don’t Have To Be A Suffering Sita!

Posted: August 17, 2015

Are you plagued by the spectre of the ‘ideal woman’? At BreakingBarriers, Apurva Purohit, CEO, Radiocity talks of why women need to value themselves. 

I read a quote some time back,  “I am here to live, not to impress!”

Yes, we do live for ourselves as well as our families but at the same time, why do we need to pile on the guilt  if we are not able to cook a meal on one day? And why do we have to carry the guilt to the next day, ruining our peace at work?

No matter how much a woman has achieved for herself, the constant guilty feeling that – you are not able to be a perfect home-maker, like the one in the neighbourhood or movies or among your relatives, keeps chasing you. The world might not sweet enough to pat you on your back and say that it is ok to not to be perfect, but we need to be realistic with ourselves and just do our best.


As a woman at work or as a woman entrepreneur, you have already struggled professionally and personally to reach the stage you are at. We need to accept that we can achieve much more when we show our confidence instead of our struggles while putting across our ideas – that is what Apurva Purohit, CEO of Radiocity, and Author of Lady, You’re Not A Man has to say in this video.

Even when we want to buy something from a certain vendor, as a customer we see the ease of transaction and the quality of the product, rather than acknowledge their struggles, isn’t it? So is the case with investors, that when they want to put in money in your business, they want to see your confidence and what you can do, rather than only your challenges.

In this amazing video at our last #BreakingBarriers event for women entrepreneurs held in March, Apurva Purohit tells us to stop being Suffering Sitas and focus on making our dream projects come alive!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this inspiring video !!!

  2. Hi I have not heard the video, but suffering sita itself is a misnomer, The doordarshan sita is inspired by tulsidas, and the general cowbelt culture. there is much more to sita than suffering.

    • Exactly! There is more to sita than just suffering and same goes with every other woman, and hence we should not be focusing on only that part rather try to introspect and make things happen!

    • If a woman works and does something within the home or outside the home why should this be considered to be the suffering syndrome?It may just as well be joy and elation.
      Why should everything be misinterpreted to be negative? What is that perverse joy like this lady CEO who is on top of her own SHIT -to quote the exact words used by her use such ‘cliched terms’ as suffering of Sita?

      I find it absurdly ridiculous that today’s Bharateeya women who are successful entrepreneurs congregating in such conclaves suffer such ‘talking down’!
      Stranger are the comments where someone (even before watching the video) vetoes the ‘shit topper’ CEO!

      Women need to think for themselves.They do not need instigation against their own ‘cultural values’ that have withstood the vagaries of time.

      Nowhere in the world are such ‘self-derogatory attacks’ made on one’s own cultural values using vulgar phrases borrowed from another language to fire up women!

      We are women of Bharat and personify Strength not Suffering!


    • Vijayaa sometimes i wonder if we are overdoing this feminist business, we are told Indian women are in the receiving end, there are so many layers that we do not acknowledge.
      Thanks for the input

    • Priyadarshan Pant -

      a. This woman, Apurva Purohit, goes on the presumption that all women do what they think their duty is and in the process suffer. So, as per her thinking, if they don’t want to suffer the simplest thing to do is to dismiss the feeling of guilt;
      b. Going upon this presumption, she builds up her argument that to do your work in the Office/business etc., you (a woman) need to start neglecting your household chores and duties. If and when you do this, you normally feel guilty (or, so she says/feels). So, if you want to live in peace and while doing your work, not be bothered by pangs of conscience, you should first convince yourself that what you consider to be your set of duties is not really part of your duties. So, she advises – chuck them and be happy.

      Now, for my comments:
      Going by her logic I would say that to do any duty of ours to some good level of excellence, whether in office, at home or anywhere else, one has to extend (stretch) oneself. For her, this is suffering!!!
      Again, to my mind, it is the definition of “duty”, which to us (Hindus) is dharma, that matters. So, one must define this clearly, especially for oneself. This normally comes with proper guidance from relevant, learned and balanced elders in our spheres of life and living. Once one has defined one’s dharma, the rest is easy.
      Coming back to this woman, she is obviously well-tutored (not really educated) but her logic on this matter is faulty. In this field she has little knowledge and we know that that is dangerous. Most people who listen to mentors who have already been given a build-up through proper marketing, do not apply their minds while listening to their theories. If she (this woman) has good intelligence, she’ll one day mentally grow up to accept what I am writing here. But, by then she would have harmed many young minds and through them the society we all live in.

    • Whew that is blog in itself.

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