Where Do New Business Ideas Come From? [VIDEO]

Posted: July 17, 2015

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Where do new business ideas come from? Sharin Bhatti Nair, Co-Founder of The Hive, an arts & co-working space in Mumbai shares her inspiration.

Entrepreneurship sounds like a tremendous undertaking. But, I feel that all it takes to be an entrepreneur sometimes, is to listen to your heart closely so you can find what drives you and follow the dream with no second thoughts. The path to entrepreneurship might be rough but the ideas usually grow out of one’s own basic values.

If one can tune into those echoes and has a passion to make it real, he or she would definitely be a sought after entrepreneur some day. One such inspiring woman entrepreneur is Sharin Bhatti Nair, Co-Founder of The Hive, a lively centre in Mumbai that acts as a co-working space for start-ups. It is also a place to incubate talent across various creative fields like music, art, dance, theatre, food etc.

What is interesting is how Sharin’s mission to provide a platform to lesser-known talent has become a business idea. This has turned the HIVE into a good platform for budding as well as established artists to showcase their talent in front of discerning audience, entertaining them in ingenious ways.

Ask her about her inspiration and she sums it up as taking birth from the freshness of creative notions people around us offer.

If you dream to start your own business, Sharin’s short video here will inspire you – and remind you that inspiration is all around us.

Loves to click pictures, dance, cook, travel, craft, read and write!

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