Can You Share The World You See With Another Person?

This beautiful video about the power of the eyes has an interesting message. Take the #Dare2Stare challenge – and the pledge that follows.

This beautiful video about the power of the eyes has an interesting message. Take the #Dare2Stare challenge – and the pledge that follows.

At first, when I saw this video, I thought that I had won the challenge and was elated; but does it matter at the end when you know the other person cannot see? My heart went out to her, this woman with an undeterred smile who made me think of how the real challenge is still awaiting me.

Many millions are waiting for people like me to take the dare. And your win is evident when you pledge your eyes without a blink!

Do you think it is hard? Well, for all those who can see, ask yourself if you can perform your daily chores for at least a minute or even a few seconds while closing your eyes? The answer would be a NO.

The power of the human mind is such that many people without vision have proved, that being blind cannot stop them from achieving their goals. When people suffering from so many disabilities overcome the odds, as someone with the gift of vision, you could take the pledge here, to donate your eyes once your life is over.

Have you heard about the famous saying – No pain, no gain? This is one case where it doesn’t apply. If we consider the individual pledging his/her eyes, then there is actually no pain – on the other hand, there is only gain in doing a good deed and helping someone else see the world!

Now, coming to practicalities. You might think that these are my eyes and I can just pledge them if I want to help a person. But, there is more to it. Though each one of us has the total right to do anything we may please with our organs, do be cognizant of the fact that it doesn’t end once you take the pledge.

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Fulfilling the pledge is something that is out of your hands in this case. You cannot take the responsibility of keeping your word to donate your eyes. All these things need to be take care by your loved ones and every person behaves differently under the huge emotional stress of losing a loved one. Hence I feel it is essential to get the approval of your close family before you give your word.

In the end, it is they whom you nominate to face the real dare after you leave this world. It is a big emotional challenge and not everybody’s cup of tea. So it is extremely important to convince your dear ones, so that they take up the responsibility of fulfilling your wish. Don’t just make a pledge, but get your loved ones too to understand why you are doing this, and why they should honour your wishes.

As for me, here are 3 things I plan to change about the way I see the world, to better appreciate the beauty around me:

  1. Spend more time and effort on my passion for photography, in order to capture the beauty of the world around me
  2. Make more time to play and appreciate small, silly moments – whether it is at fun festivals like Holi or just everyday!
  3. Take the time to notice the small things that the people we love do for us

Usually, we are selfish and keep saving money for generations to come. Here is a chance for us to be selfish in a better way and pledge our eyes – so that our eyes will live beyond our lives.

This is a part of the #Dare2Stare campaign by Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital to encourage eye donation. Make sure to take a pledge to donate your eyes.


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