5 Easy Salad Recipes With A Twist For A Light Eat This Summer

These easy salad recipes for summer will make for a light and refreshing addition to your meals, besides bringing heaps of health benefits to you and your family.

These easy salad recipes for summer will make for a light and refreshing addition to your meals, besides bringing heaps of health benefits to you and your family.

In some cultures, having a salad along with your meal is the norm. But some people just do not like the raw vegetables and they keep postponing the thought of eating salad. Though cooked vegetables are good for your health, having something raw everyday is essential too.

Many nutrients are lost while cooking and you can make up for all these with salads. Given the benefits of salad like – supply of antioxidants, high on fiber, keeping you full for a longer time, low on calories etc etc, it is still difficult for some of us to take a bite, isn’t it?

So this post is for all those people who shy away from eating salads as well as for all those people who just love eating raw and are looking for some newer salad recipes. Check out these interesting salad recipes which will keep you light and refreshed this summer.

Moong Sprouts Salad

This is a perfect way to have a salad which is protein rich. Moong sprouts are said to have many health benefits such as healthy hair and skin. This salad uses moong sprouts and other simple ingredients and can keep you hunger-free for hours. It is also good to include this kind of salad in your regular diet, especially for kids as it has long term health benefits.

Recipe: Moong Sprouts Salad

Kashmiri Chutney/Salad dip

This traditional Kashmiri radish chutney has a nice aroma and crunch to it. It can be had just plain or as a salad dip. This is a very good option for your party starter recipes menu as it goes very well as a dip for your starters too. The addition of walnuts makes it crunchy and wholesome with nuts.

Recipe: Kashmiri Radish Chutney

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Lauki ka Raita/Bottle gourd with Yogurt

This is the best summer food in the form of a salad. Both bottle gourd and curd have their cooling effect on our bodies and what better way than to eat them together as a salad? This can be a perfect replacement to your regular raita which you eat with your rotis and pulao.

Recipe: Lauki Ka Raita

Colourful Cabbage Salad

This salad is for those who like to eat ‘fancy’ and like to add colour to their salad and their life! With purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes and carrots all added, it not only looks colourful but is exotic to serve for your guests. This salad recipe is quick, tasty and healthy too! Be sure to use your regular cabbage when you don’t get a purple one, it still tastes yummy!

Recipe: Colourful Cabbage Salad

Cucumber Salad for fasting

Fasting for special days and events is common in many Indian families. This salad follows a simple process and is an effective fasting recipe. Kakdi Chi Koshimbir or Cucumber Salad is typical Maharashtrian salad recipe. I know you must be thinking how I can conclude the salad recipes without using cucumber and that too in summer! So this is for all of you guys, enjoy this simple and best summer salad!

Recipe: Cucumber Salad

Start making and eating your salads from today! Include it in your kids diet too, before they grow up and start saying no to salads. Eating raw fruits, vegetables and nuts is the mantra for perfect health!

If you have a favourite summer salad recipe, do share in the comments below!

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