Chronicles Of A Tomboy

Posted: February 6, 2014

Hello! And welcome to the ‘Chronicles of a Tomboy.’  Lo & Behold! My name can be quite misleading and I like it that way. ‘Misleading’ is quite a girly terminology. Right?  Wrong! Men love misleading too and tomboys love it even more.

I have been following this website for a long time now! A lot is said about women, their independence, their careers, freedoms, roles, etc.  A lot of women who are  ‘independent, modernistic, thinkers, free-individuals’ have been portrayed, their life-achievements highlighted. A lot of articles request ‘traditional women’ to come out of their cocoons and hail the freedom that today’s women ought to enjoy.

But wait a second! There’ s one category that seems to be missing! And please note, she’s  not concerned about traditions and rituals v/s  the modernity and individuality battlefield. She giggles when so-called ‘modern women’ throw ‘selfies’ all around the social web, as much as she feels jitters when she sees saree clad aunties discussing ‘how to get today’s kids disciplined.’

This woman is the ‘Tomboy.’   She loves sports, wears shabby clothes and is not bothered about it. She uses slang as much as she abuses. She’s not very eloquent or soft-mannered. You dare her, and she will throw a dare back at you. You corner her and she would punch you right in the face!  She hates it when you call her a ‘girl’, but beware you talk or misbehave with women and you are out of the game forever!

imagesYes- she’s the tomboy. She’s neither flirtatious nor is she rebellious. Contrary to what some people think, ‘being a tomboy’ is not about being rebellious. She’s just the way she is. She fields in some of your demands, while she ensures she keeps her  identity deep-rooted in the ground. She is a daughter (the one who worries your mom about how she will get married, if you are a guy that is! Or the one who worries your dad about how ‘loose brained’ she is if you are a girl, that is!)

She’s easily recognizable. Here’s what it takes to be a tom-boy.

  • – At the risk of generalizing, SHE HATES PINK! Yikes
  • – Instead of playing with dolls, playing video games with her guys friends, brother or father gives her a shot in the arm

– She HATES shopping. Yes, she does!

– She prefers hanging out with guys often than your girl friends. Reasons are obvious, aren’t they?

– If there is ever a situation, where there’s a boy, a girl and a tom-boy, remember – the tom-boy is the toughest person out there

– She likes her hair short. Long hair.. no way!   And if you insist, don’t ask her to take care of it. She’s going to have bad hair day 365 days.

– She will prefer a Rugby challenge to a Ruby

– And most likely, she’s going to be hot, but a little differently! (Well, the image here will summarize it for you!)

Now that’s easy, isn’t it! So why am I here, you might ask? I am here to take you through a journey of one such TOMBOY! And you guessed it right. I am here to take you through my chronicles!

Be ready to be mused, amused and bemused, through a series of articles that attempts to capture many ‘unheard tomboy tales!’

Signing off for now. Watch this space  for more.

Pic credit: Sparknotes

Deepika Gumaste has been working as a brand builder @ Text100 Global Communications for the last

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  1. This is so so so ME. No offence to Women’s Web, but this is THE ONLY article till date that I have been able to relate too! A must share!Way to go Miss_Nautanki! 🙂

  2. Hi Saumya… thanks for the lovely comment. I am so glad, that you could identify with it. Well, we are not alone 🙂

  3. Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit -

    Dipika Gumaste,
    Very nice presentation with lovely language to keep the young girls mused,anused and
    to bemused.
    Encouraging such girls is the need of the hour.

  4. Thanks for your feedback Dr. Pandit. It’s great to hear that.

    • Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit -

      Dear Friend,
      Mentoday really need to be tackled by such acts which you may call nautanki but this is the need of hour to mend the wrong doings od male gender for their misdeeds on female gender.
      We are fighting for equal rights and they are busy in crushing the female society. We are telling the ladies to come in society and equate yourself with male gender and they are compelling us to remain withinfour walls.

  5. She hates pink ! .. up that’s me .. deeps have summed me up in an article . lol .. love the fact that tomboys are hailed here instead of being harrowed to be a girl .. ewww .. Like you said individuality is what matters to a tomboy cause we wear it like a shield , similarly bad hair isnt so bad , as long as the day rocks .. will be tuned into this space for more .. woot woot ..!!!

  6. Liked your take on being a Tomboy. Will surely wait to read more! Individuality ROCKS…

  7. My 10 year daughter is waiting eagerly for your next post. She is mostly a girlie girl along with a streak tomboyish rebel in her. But she loves reading and making friends with tomboys.

  8. @Ujwala.. thanks for the comment. Individuality shall prevail then 🙂

  9. Hey Chandrima– that’s a great thing. Any way there should be no discrimination. We should just to learn to appreciate the differences 🙂

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