Changing Roles

As children grow up, each stage necessitates parents to interact with the child in an appropriate manner and re-examine the parenting role

Parenthood, everything we thought and nothing we expected. It feels especially true when raising our children in ever-changing world of short-lived role models, uncertain and ambiguous rules. Being a parent is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding jobs. Has it ever crossed your mind that it is the longest task and responsibility that any individual will perform through the life span.

We watch our children grow right in front of our very eyes. As they grow up they undeniably have discovered their own personality and character. Our parenting styles have to change and we have to adapt ourselves to suit their new and changing needs.

It seems like yesterday, they were learning to crawl, walk and talk, feed themselves and now they are off to school, making friends and learning to be more and more independent. While we encourage them to be independent, it’s also important that we push their ability to ask for help when needed.

The method for growing plants may progress with changing times, but the basics of planting seeds, getting them watered and weeding around them and then let the sun work its magic to produce slow but steady growth will always remain the same. Parenting is just like that giving birth, nurturing and protecting.

We have come across parents who are in the denial mode to accept the changes happening in the lives of their children, but change is inevitable…

Children will grow up and in the process they might need us less and less, or sometimes more than expected, they might demand space to develop and why not ? They should be given that chance to explore, to enhance their self-esteem. It’s perfectly normal, if they did not, then it should be a matter of concern.

There are no right answers for every parenting situation, and that’s why we must listen to our hearts, minds, and intuitions when parenting .The most important tool in order to successfully adjust to our parenting skills, we must see what’s going on with our child, and we have to hear what they have to say. In short keep our eyes and ears open!!

The questions from “what “ turns to “how “ And “why”. This stage necessitates parents to interact with the child in an appropriate manner. We as parents need to  frequently re-examine and rework our parental roles as the child continues to mature.

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As long as we take the time to understand the problem, comprehend the outcome, implement patience, along with love and affection, teach our children case to case, this love will cut through all the clutter and lead to best solutions to our parenting.

Just because our children may not be at home as much as before, and they are not tiny tots who were dependents, does not mean our parenting days are truly over. Our children will always need us; only thing that will change is their needs. Our children will always remain our children, we are always going to remain their parents, however grown up they are,



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