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Are you excited with what you do professionally?

Posted: June 30, 2011

The first question that often pops up when we meet any one socially is How is work? If you dread being asked this question, this article is written for you. There are a plethora of reasons that cause professional disengagement. If the symptoms mentioned below are indicative of how you feel pause review act .

Symptom Likely cause Possible solution
Boredom This could be caused by lack of challenge at work or an absence of new learning opportunities or simply a lean period at work Talk to your manager suggest ways by which you can improve your challenge quotient. For instance take on a new role add a new responsibility or nominate yourself for a training program
Demotivated This could be caused by the work environment or a terrible boss or a grievance. You feel that nothing is going to change or you don t feel motivated to give the organization a 100% Reach out to your mentor (informal) or someone in HR you trust. Brainstorm jointly what you can do to change things around you. If the outcome is inconclusive, it is time to look out (new organization or transfer to a new location).
Feeling that your core strengths are not being leveraged This could be due to the expectation or skills required in the role you are performing vis a vis your strengths and interest Explore the other roles available in your organization or industry. Leverage your network and reach out to professionals who are pursuing unique career options. Always look for ways to build on your experience. Do a gap analysis on where you stand vis a vis what you dream of doing and plan to achieve it. This could mean a career break, acquiring new skills or education etc

Take the first step be open to explore   you could be a role model for others in the same situation !

Jaya Narayan is a alumnus of TISS, Mumbai and has over 15 years of experience

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