Girls Rock campaign for girls#GirlsROCK is an initiative by Women’s Web this October, to highlight organisations doing wonderful work for girls and young women in India.

Why now? Because October 11th is the International Day Of The Girl Child, and instead of celebrating just 1 day, we thought it would be great to talk about it all of the month.

But first, the sordid facts. Over 1 million foetuses are aborted in India each year, purely because they are female. Only 40% of girls in India attend school beyond the primary level. Whatever metric you look at – education, health, income, property ownership, literacy – not only women and girls fare worse, but the cycle continues, as mothers with little control over their own lives cannot stand up on behalf of their daughters.

halabol smallIn such circumstances, it is natural to feel powerless at times, to wonder if things will ever change. Yet, the truth is that tough times call for tough people. That’s the idea behind #GirlsROCK – to celebrate our girls and the people working for them, including ordinary people like you and me. If they can, we can too!

So, each day this October, we will be featuring one post on the theme of #GirlsROCK, as well as highlighting one such organisation working to support girls in India. This campaign is being supported online by Halabol, a social platform for individuals who believe they can bring about change.

Below, you can find a list of all the #GirlsROCK posts, as well as wonderful orgs we are talking about. Do read, share your thoughts, check out all the work that is being done by these girls, and participate in any way you can!

(Click on each image to go to the post)

1st Oct: My Secret Wishlist For Girls, by Nischala

2nd Oct: The Worth Of A Girl, by Aparna

3rd Oct: Can A Girl Be Herself?, by Lavanya

4th Oct: Butterflies, by Archana

5th Oct: A Girl Who Wants To Read, by Kiran

6th Oct: Being A Second Girl, by SivaRanjini

7th Oct: What Do I Teach My Daughter?, by R’s Mom

8th Oct: She Is In Danger, by Rakhee

9th Oct: Bury The ‘MUSTs’ And ‘Should Nots’ Please, by Manjulika

10th Oct: A Letter To My Beloved Daughter’ by Paromita

11th Oct: Aarti Home: Breaking The Cycle Of Discrimination’ by Aparna

12th Oct: The Third Girl, by Sakshi

13th Oct: Blessed With A Girl, by Reshma

14th Oct: Physically Challenged, Mentally Strong, by Hip Grandma

15th Oct: She Is Born A Woman, by Sandhya

16th Oct: On Those Days, by Aparna

17th Oct: Why The Small Things Matter, by Anne

18th Oct: The Reality Of Child Marriages in India, by Srinidhi

19th Oct: Why Is My Daughter Unwanted?, by Piali

21st Oct: Girls I Have Known, by Unmana

22nd Oct: Pushing For Change In Corporate India, by Sujatha

23rd Oct: In Search Of A Girl Child, by R’s Mom

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