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Why Women’s Web?

Women’s Web is the digital media platform that lets you be a part of stories by and for women. Your brand/product will reach the female market by being associated with a genuine, positive and vibrant space that women love and can relate to.

Use this award-winning platform to engage with women in different ways.

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10 Million Urban Indian Women
80% Traffic on Mobile
Omni-Channel Presence
18-24, 25-35 Age Group

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Native Advertising
Influencer Marketing
Social Media Campaign
Content Development
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Video Content
Diversity and Inclusion
Market Research

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    More about our brand activation 

    • With over 5000+ writers engaged with Women’s Web, we offer brands the opportunity to be a part of powerful stories by real women. We create versatile content that spans all social channels, including video.
    • Our team designs interesting event formats and drives meaningful conversations in fun and interactive ways. You can be a part of our flagship events Breaking Barriers (for women in business) and Orange Flower (for women in creatives spaces), or let us deliver successful customised event formats for you! 
    • Our social media campaigns are customised to the brand and feel authentic to the Women’s Web audience, resulting in high impact
    • We develop content for brands across sectors, whether for the ordinary reader or specialist audiences. We manage the project end to end, from Content Architecture to Delivery, including SEO. Past projects include scientifically accurate reader facing content, short informative content, SEO based tech content and light reads for lifestyle brands. 

    எங்கள் வாராந்திர mailer கிடைக்கும் மற்றும் பெண்கள் பற்றி மற்றும் சிறந்த பற்றி வெளியே தவற கூடாது!

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