Around The World With Kids

Authentic, concise, practical; this family friendly travel guide by moms gives you inside access to popular cities around the globe!

Around the world with kids - image for site landing pageYou may have been a footloose traveler, but did the arrival of kids make you pause and re-think your travel plans? Around The World With Kids is a super-practical travel guide full of doable recommendations and useful tips from local moms in popular 20 cities around the world.

What will your child like best in historical Rome? Do busy, noisy places like Shanghai and Mumbai hold little surprises for youngsters? Is Paris just about Disneyland? From tried tourist favourites like London, San Francisco and Delhi, to unusual choices like Johannesburg and Wellington in remote New Zealand, this travel e-book is for the family that loves to travel together.

With a mom guide in each city who’s ‘been there, done that’, this travel e-book will have you planning your next vacation right away.

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In each of these 20 cities, a popular mom blogger takes you on a delightful tour of her city, with her personal recommendations of what to do, see and experience. For each city, this travel book includes:

Tips for first time visitors with kids: Every city is special in its own way, but also has its own peculiarities, whether it is poor public transport, changeable weather or dirty public loos; you learn what to expect when travelling with children, especially if your kids are young.

What to see: Fun things for kids to see in the city, and activities that you may enjoy as a family. Enjoy the popular sights (after all, they’re often popular for a reason!), but also discover the less well known ones that the resident folks often keep to themselves!

Where to eat: Great neighbourhood haunts that make families feel welcome when they visit with kids; plus, in many cases, you have the bonus of relishing authentic local cuisine at places that local families love.

Easy day trips: What to do when you’ve had enough of a city and want a change? Moms give you fun and easy getaways from the city that the entire family can enjoy.

This is not just a listing of things to do and tick off your list. Instead, you’ll find that the recommendations in each city are just that little bit different from each other. Some moms love the outdoors, others are museum-goers while yet others do a bit of everything. After all, each parent is different, and that’s what makes this e-book an engaging, personal and above all, real book that you can relate to!

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