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womens-haat-logoAt Women’s Web, we are passionate about supporting women in business as they grow.

Reaching out to new users is often one of the biggest challenges that small and mid sized businesses face in their journey. Our new initiative, ‘Women’s Haat’ is a promotional space where women owned businesses in India can be featured at affordable rates, and gain exposure to new users.

Each month will be dedicated to a category of products, with the schedule being:

July 2013: For children’s products

August 2013: Ecofriendly/Green products

September 2013: Food/Gourmet

5 Reasons to List your Business on Women’s Haat

1.Unlike standalone yellow pages, this listing is on a popular women’s website, and hence directly linked to readers

2. Attractive visual display + search feature makes it easy for readers to discover new products and services, discover YOU!

3.Direct link to your online sales venues, making it a great sales funnel/lead generator for your business

4.Valuable branding, on a website with informed, urban readers

5.Additional visibility via our social media/newsletters

Want to be on Women’s Haat and reach new users? Contact us now at [email protected] for benefits, features and rates – or simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back you!

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