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5 Lessons On Surviving Matrimonial Sites I Wish Someone Had Taught Me

Based on my personal experience of weird messages and annoying suggestions, here are 5 ways to successfully manoeuvre matrimonial websites.

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This Letter To My 20-Year Old Self Comes From A Place Of Being Myself

It’s not your duty to please everyone. You don't have to be the perfect woman. What would you tell your 20-year old self?

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We Need To Address That The Political Differences We Often Have With Our Parents Aren’t Just ‘Disagreements’

What my family thinks can affect my life choices. Similarly, my views need to matter to them too. Thus, it is important to engage in such conversations.

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Marriages May Be Made In Heaven, But These 6 Women’s Rishta Stories Are Straight From Hell!

Meeting a potential groom and his family for a rishta isn't always an easy experience. But it's downright horrific for some, as these 6 stories prove!

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Whether It Is While Reading My Favourite Book Or Baking A Cake, I Am The Happiest With You

I realize it now My life had been brilliant, since the first day I looked deeply inside your eyes. It was you then and it's you now. It'll always be you.

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Confident Or Arrogant – You Choose Your Own Narrative And That’s How The World Will See You!

How you see yourself and what you think about yourself matters the most. And it all starts with a simple act of believing that you are capable of anything.

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