Short Stories & Poetry
My Life, My Wedding; Who Decides?

“Papa, what if it is not a mutual decision? What if I called the shots and Rahul just agreed to it? Worse happens in case of you and Mom. You take the decisions, she agrees."

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Why Should I Compromise?

She had trained herself to cope on a day by day basis. And keep going. Until one day, when she realized she was burying herself into a hole, deeper and deeper, with each day; with acceptance of his increasingly bad behavior.

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Who Is The Happiest Of Them All?

“You want the truth, then let’s have it. Tell everyone the truth behind your rock-sized diamonds. That these diamonds and jewellery are just your husband’s way of compensating for his cheating."

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Her Eyes Give Her Away

Have you ever met people who seem fine, but then, their eyes give them away? If you look closely, you can see the pain.

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Seeing Through A Veil Of Brokenness

When everything appears through a veil of brokenness, can there still be hope? Yes, there is always hope...

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The Birth On The Kitchen Vent

Building a home despite challenges and creating new life is such a beautiful thing, something that the poet shares with us. 

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