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As You Write It
As You Write It is the reader's space at Women's Web. We welcome contributions from our readers on a particular writing theme each month.
Muse Of The Month December 2016: Inspiration From Namita Gokhale

We end the 2016 Muse of the Month series with inspiration from Namita Gokhale, an iconic Indian writer. The 5 best entries get published on Women's Web.

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Virtual Banter [#ShortStory]

“To reinvent oneself, any place can be home. Pack your bags, follow life as it is calling you right now. Who knows what is in store?” A short story.

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Victory [#ShortStory]

"Girls were seldom encouraged to dream about creating a new world for themselves, independently ...Pratiksha had been the rare, lucky exception." A short story.

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In The Quest Of Liberation [#ShortStory]

"Men were the masters of their destinies and their bodies,... a widow needed to be punished for her misfortune of outliving her husband." A short story.

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Muse Of The Month November 2016: Inspiration From Manju Kapur

For the month of November 2016, here's inspiration from Manju Kapur for our Muse of the Month contest. The 5 best entries get published here!

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My Worth, My Measure [#ShortStory]

“But what is a person’s value? Who defines or measures that? Does it only exist to benefit someone?" A short story about self-worth.

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