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Jab Khalid Met Kabir! What If The Lead Characters of War Were A Bonafide Gay Couple?

As I watched War, I couldn’t help thinking how cool it would be if Kabir and Khalid (Hrithik and Tiger’s characters in War, respectively) were a romantic couple. It would have been the perfect way to mainstream LGBTQIA+ representation in Bollywood.

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Makers Of Barbie Introduce Gender Neutral Dolls – The ‘Creatable World Doll’ Is A Great Example Of Inclusion
gender neutral dolls by Mattel

The company which produces the famous Barbie has introduced a new range of gender neutral dolls. While this may be a purely capitalistic move, it is still a move in the right direction.

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Mammootty Fans Troll Film Critic Anna Vatticad For Recent Review; She Says “I’m More Determined Now”

As movies increasingly become propaganda tools and as fandoms become increasingly toxic, Anna Vetticad's words underline the importance of continuing to speak up, even if through negative movie reviews.

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Through Its Unlikely Hero, Asuran Explores Caste Discrimination With Nuance

Asuran may seem like a revenge saga. But it has several layers hidden behind it right from issues like the caste and class divide to exploring human nature

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Kalki Koechlin Inspires Women Yet Again, This Time, With Her Pregnancy Announcement
kalki koechlin

Kalki Koechlin announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Guy Hershberg, and became an inspiration for women all over with her ideas about pregnancy,

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Nandita Das’ Video ‘India’s Got Colour’ Mocks Our Obsession With Fair Skin

There is no doubt that India is obsessed with Fair Skin. Nandita Das uses real-life experiences to mock this obsession in ‘India’s Got Colour’

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