On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
As A Happily Married Woman, The ‘Blessing’ Sada Suhagan Raho Bothers Me!

Have you ever noticed that newly married women are given the blessing 'sada suhagan raho'? I don't really think it's a blessing. Here's why!

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Does It Mean I Need A Man With Me Every Time To Get Good Service?

Men often receive better quality of service and are more 'respected' than women in public spaces. It has happened for a long time and it’s no longer acceptable.

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OMG How Can She Pursue Her ‘Useless’ Hobby Now That She Is Married Or Worse, Also A Mom?!

They were both careerists who connected over a common hobby - dance - and then got married. But no happily ever after; while HE continues pursuing his interest, SHE is shamed for it. 

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Couples Cooking Together During The Pandemic Is Yet Another Way We Smash Patriarchy!

Every time I see the couples working together in the kitchen, my heart fills with joy. Because that's how it should always be, right?

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Unrealistic Sanitary Pad Ads That Show A Cheery Girl Seem To Be Made For The Men Watching…

Sanitary pad ads set unrealistic standards for women to 'fly and slay' while bleeding, masking the issues of health and discomfort suffered by women.

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6 Reasons Entitlement Like In The Great Indian Kitchen Is Real Even NOW, Not ‘Happened Earlier’

One comment by my city-bred woke peers was - "The kind of family shown in the movie doesn’t exist in today’s time!" Here's demolishing this belief.

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