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A Year With My Son – Down Syndrome Is A Condition He Has, Not Who He Is

From a frail baby to a toddler who now stands on his own, a mother describes her journey with her son who has Down Syndrome.

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My Son Has Down Syndrome, Yet I Feel There Are No ‘Special’ Children

"Why are 'special' children labelled so?" asks a mother whose toddler has Down syndrome. "Are we all perfect? Don't we all have needs that may be different?"

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17 Adults With Autism Allegedly Denied Entry In A Private Pool, When Will The Discrimination Stop?

17 adults with autism were allegedly denied entry in a private swimming pool on the accounts of “objection from other members”. When will the discrimination stop and acceptance begin?

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My Son Is Just A Slow Learner; It’s Unfair To Label Him A Trouble Maker & Failure!
slow learner

Support and motivation from teachers and parents play a magical role in a slow learner’s development. Such children are not intellectually challenged, only their pace of learning is slow.

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PM Modi Recently Cracked A ‘Dyslexia’ Joke – Why Are We So Insensitive To Those Who Suffer?
modi dyslexia remark

PM Modi recently used the term 'dyslexia' as a joke to get back at Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi, and the attendees found it funny! Those who suffer from it deserve better.

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A Kid With Autism Is Much More Than That; Autism Is Just One Of Their Traits!

"Don't make a kid with Autism feel like a lab rat," says the author, "they are much more than 'autistic', and we should discard these labels."

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