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Dusky And Beautiful: Own Your Skin, Be Proud Of It And Love It!

Fair and lovely had always been the norm in our country. However, here is one dusky woman owning her skin colour and loving it!

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This Trending Hashtag Makes Me Ask: Is A Woman Worth Saluting Only If She’s ‘Sacrificing’?

Post the release of the track Singapenney from the upcoming Tamil movie Bigil, a trending hashtag on Twitter, #SaluteMySingapenney is asking people to salute the women in their lives. But when so many of the tributes praise the women for being so self-sacrificing, is it really a cause for celebration?

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The Misogynist’s Formula For The ‘Perfect Indian Bride’

The 'perfect bride' that a misogynist society seeks is seen in almost every matrimonial ad. This mindset is a cancer our society needs to get rid of.

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My Life, My Wedding; Who Decides?

“Papa, what if it is not a mutual decision? What if I called the shots and Rahul just agreed to it? Worse happens in case of you and Mom. You take the decisions, she agrees."

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Are Stepmoms Really Evil Or Simply Victims Of Circumstances In A Patriarchal Society?

The Indian society has a stereotypical notion in place when it comes to stepmoms. It is time, we stop glorifying or stereotyping the concept of 'step mom' and stop the judgement.

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Carnatic Singer Sudha Raghunathan Trolled By Racist Bigots For Daughter’s Wedding; Can We Stop?
Sudha Raghunathan trolled

Carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan’s daughter, Malavika, is marrying an African-American scholar, Michael. The fact that the family is being attacked by bigots for this private business is truly saddening.

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