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personal stories
I Lost My Dad Just Before Lockdown, And I’m Worried About Mom Far Away And Alone…

This lockdown happened soon after my father passed away. And now my mother is alone in India in her grief, and us far away, back in the US, leaving me seriously worried for her.

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When My Daughter Called Up And Said, ‘Mom, I Think I Have Coronavirus’

This mother shares her worst times as her adult daughter is in London, and infected, battling COVID-19 alone - with tips for those in a similar situation.

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When My Daughter Wished For A Time Machine To Go Back And Reverse The Pandemic!

My country is locked down now. A whole effing one point three billion people. Home. Indoors. Locked and down. What can one mere mother do?

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This Lockdown Forced Me To Think Deeply Of Grief, And How Isolation Works On The Mind

Use this forced isolation to think. Think about purpose, joy, happiness. Think about why you feel the way you do. Allow yourself to feel, be. Allow yourself to exist.

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I Chose A Creative Career Defying Indian Society’s Expectations And It Helped Me Find Myself!

As a society, we are all expected to behave in a certain manner and follow the same career paths. But what happens when you choose to follow your own dreams?

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What You May See As Flaws Are Exactly The Things That Make Me A ‘Flawsome’ SAHM!

The dark circles, my slender figure, no haircuts, no makeup to cover my dullness, are all a part of me. They make me unique and beautiful with a better heart.

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