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Life as a parent
Our Unfortunate Kids…Where’s The Opportunity To Get Bored And Hence, Creative?

Toys aren’t just toys. They should be STEM toys. Is seven too young for an iPad? Oh she doesn’t even have a vTech? Poor thing!

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Telling My Daughter ‘You Can’t Always Be No. 1’ & Other Parenting Fails (Or Wins!)

I've come to realise that parenting is pretty much always simply winging it. And I often wonder if my advice is sage or just a fail!

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I Was Once A ‘Helicopter Mother’ But Here’s What Has Changed Now!

After the birth of my child till he was 4, I was a very involved mother with almost no life of my own. But, here's how things changed now.

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We’re Indian; Fighting In Front Of Our Kids Is Ok But Hugging Is Not In Our Culture

We pass on this message over generations that it's okay to display anger but not love. It's okay to hit not hug. It's okay to yell but not apologize.

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5 Effective Home Based Loose Motion Remedies That Are Lifesavers In Lockdown
loose motion remedies

During the lockdown, when getting medical help for an upset tummy could be difficult, these loose motion remedies found at home will help.

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The Virus Taught Me That I Don’t ‘Own’ My Children, They Have Dreams Of Their Own!

Our children are unique individuals with hopes and dreams of their own! Let's give them the space to be themselves. 

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