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father's day
When Bapi Supported My Decision To Do The Last Rites For Ma 

My father stood by me through everything despite his own pain when Ma passed away, and supported my decision to do her last rites. 

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Believe Us, Dads. We’ll Make You Proud

Almost everything a father does in support of his daughter meets hatred and criticism from many. The only investment a father is presumed to make is in his daughter's wedding.

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When My Appa Supported Our Joint Decision Not To Have A Child

I had been raised by feminist parents, and more so, a father, who had been 'bashed' by the 'well-wishers' for giving much 'freedom' to his daughter. He bears the brunt of it even now.

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The Privilege Of A Father Who Scandalised Relatives With His ‘Permissiveness’

We are 3 sisters, and our father brought us all up to be independent and capable of making our own decisions. Never were we forced into anything.

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The Sour Taste Of Father’s Day Some Daughters Experience Each Year

Not everyone grows up with the supportive love of our fathers. There are many daughters who battle the 'man of the house' for everyday survival. 

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Prakash Padukone’s Letter To His Daughters Deepika And Anisha

Prakash Padukone's letter to his daughters urges the need for following their passion, and for parents to let their kids be. 

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