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child sexual abuse
Kathua, Aligarh,… Saving Our Kids Should Be Our Priority As A Nation

So much of violence - both sexual and otherwise, is directed towards children, innocent victims of a patriarchal society that engages in power play and control. 

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The Hunger Games…That Slut Shame The Victim!

“She will get everything, but not life. She will sell her flesh, her dignity every day. She will die every day to feed us.”

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My Family Failed Me… “Why Didn’t You Call Right Away? Wanting More?”

"A is a grown-up girl. Look, what kind of clothes she is wearing. Control her! These things are bound to happen,” scolded my grandmother.

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We Were Only 11, BFF, But Her Chachu’s Strange New Game Felt All Wrong!

It felt wrong, the game felt wrong. As wrong as stealing from Daddy. Perhaps worse than that. But Nidhi was doing it, what excuse did I have not to do it.

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A Quick Overview Of All You Need To Know For Dealing With Child Sexual Abuse In India
dealing with child sexual abuse in India

April is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. Here is everything you need to know to deal with child sexual abuse in India - a heinous crime against innocence.

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Because She HAD To Break The Vicious Circle

"They have a warrant. They say that I have sexually abused Radha and they are talking about some POSCO act. That bitch of a girl had the audacity to complain against me."

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